A Glossary of Terms Invented and Once Used by Jan to Describe Certain Inner Workings of That Certain Extraordinary Hunger, Including  Relevant Commentaries.  (The descriptions following each word or phrase are not to be ingested as a final definition, but are simply used to point the reader in certain directions. They are limited by their nature to be incomplete reflections, but such is the limitation of words -they can explain everything but themselves. Leave all apparent definitions open-ended for further expansion.)

A – Z

The ACT: The ordinary life of ordinary men (also called: Life-in-the-city) wherein no one knows what thought they will next have, nor what they will next say, yet the collective intangible life of humanity proceeds a tempo as though thoroughly scripted and with no conscious planning nor awareness necessary on man’s (the actors’) part.

The ACT Variation: The certain man’s method of turning his attention from his inner voices to those of others outside of him as a reminder-jog not to be simply a passive part of the overall Act.

A CERTAIN DISCONTENT: In the life-of-Life, into which man is born, there is yet another something, a verbal map of which I shall roughly sketch for the Consideration of the Serious.  This something has to do with the general state of ordinary man, and also offers another possible threshold toward the idea of a true, positively-held emotion.  This something is a Certain Discontent, a discontent with no name.  Although it has no ordinary name, this Certain Discontent is known to all men by its relentless flow and presence, and its unknown manifestations are in truth the known manifestations of all human activity.

ACTION & The Non-Thinking-Of-Action Boost: A trick to combat the normal gravitational pull of intangible dissatisfaction: You either act in some manner on what bothers you, or you stop thinking about it: either do something or stop thinking about doing something.

ACTION/THINKING OF ACTION: (1) Thinking of action comes into play when action seems impossible or too dangerous  –   which in a nutshell is why thinking of action won’t get you anywhere.  With ordinary people: if words did not seem to make up for lack of action, why would they talk so much about it (i.e. a constant barrage of promises and threats of action at some future date).  (2) Under the rebel’s wartime conditions of struggling for The Aim: those who appear to think the most are those who should think the least about what they do; the very times you think you should think some more is the time you shouldn’t. The certain man thinks at the proper time, but acts when it’s the salutary season.

ACTION & THINKING OF ACTION: (1) Humans are unique in that they can act and think about acting; the consciousness of ordinary men commonly confuses the two, but for the rebel, they are two distinct things: one, two, always in order.  (2) A King who thinks & talks when action is needed, is impotent, and unfit to rule. The rebel’s goal is to bring the generals and the infantry (those who plan & those who act) into an interchangeable balance.  True frustration for the certain man is in the difficulty of merging: thinking-of-doing The Thing  —  with doing it.

ADITS: Metaphorical locations in man’s nervous system; three in particular wherein AMv12 is depleted: at the first point it is used in maintaining the physical health of the body, at the second it is used to fuel ordinary emotions (guilt, anger, self-pity, and the rest of the list), and at the third spot it is extracted by the excitement of ordinary knowledge, and it is here in the mind, where standard men do not recognize the unity of all apparently antipodal ideas  —  where is lost the last drop of this substance, needed to awake: AMv12.

ADULTHOOD: The natural inner movement toward an institutionalized existence and method of learning; the final and complete acceptance of civilized life and city thinking.

AGE Of RESPONSIBILITY: When you discover and see clearly for yourself the omnipresent reality of The Act and the helplessness of ordinary people; then you become responsible for what you say to them & your interactions therewith.

AGENDA: (1) Life has its own agenda, its own schedule of what deserves attention and energy and it will not change its agenda for you or anyone. (2) The nervous-system-rebel holds a personal agenda, one steadfast and beyond the effect of circumstances, accidents, or whims; his schedule ignores how things happened to be when he got here, and how he happened to be when he appeared here; in comparison: the agenda of ordinary men’s consciousness is no more than a Dance Card randomly issued it in The City permitting it to engage in perhaps entertaining, but meaningless moves around their inner ballroom. To get-to-the-bottom-of-things, the certain man honors no agenda but the one that gradually appears to him as he relentlessly presses on; no personal agenda –   no personal success. (3) The achievement of The Aim is always original  –   thus must be your agenda; it must be uniquely yours, which can only be realized through your constant effort to remember The Aim.

AGGRESSION (Conscious): The intentional, controlled use of a certain chemistry-of-internal-behavior which a man with The Aim good naturedly turns on his own automatic-consciousness as a practical affront to his tendency for complacency & comfort, where they equal: boredom, acceptance of things as they are, and non-growth.

THE AIM; THE THING; THIS-KIND-OF-ACTIVITY: To make consciousness conscious of itself and its heritage. (There is a blunter description, but one with which few consciousnesses are taken.)

The AIM: (1) To bring consciousness under its control. (2) To entertain only thoughts original with your consciousness.  (3) The overall description of The Aim is to develop and maintain a non ordinary intention for your inner life. (4) No one is born understanding what The Aim is, and no one usually ever fully grasps it, but nonetheless: it is the driving force in a few men’s lives. (5) As expressed in words: The Aim can seem seductively familiar  –  so much so that it keeps all but the most determined from personally investigating the subject. (6) To remember and pursue The Aim throughout one’s life necessitates that a man feels it to be incomparably superior to any misfortunes that befall him, and any insults the “I” of his consciousness says it has suffered; beyond all normal dreams of what life has to offer ordinary men, the certain man’s primary focus is privately on The Aim. (7) He who passionately pursues The Aim will eventually realize that it is quite physical and not at all mystical or metaphysical; what The Aim encourages in a man is the raising of his individual line of consciousness above where it presently is for mankind collectively by first seeking to stop the depletion of AMv12 in the blood by consciousness’ acceptance of negativity (D Force) running through all the Circuits so that there will be a supply sufficient to fuel this upper nervous system expansion; The Aim (while unrecognized specifically by the 99.9999%) is the ultimate goal and thrust of Life in this Universe. (8) The Aim is something you do & pursue  –  it is not something that merely happens to you (like the dreams of supernatural spiritual states suddenly filling a man); it is prosecuted moment to moment  —  only here (wherever you are)  — and only this instant.  The Aim ultimately has no actual name  –   but is known to those who fitly pursue it.

ALLEGORY: Things men either don’t understand or can’t face.

ALL IS WRONG/ALL IS NOT RIGHT: Ordinary men’s concept of all-or-nothing is a cheap imitation of the rebel’s do-or-die method; in man’s second reality: nothing is ever all-or-nothing: everything is compromise: everything is and must be inconclusive, and the only success is some success.

AMv12: An allegorical substance in the blood representing a variety of activities of which men normally take no account; it also symbolizes the enriched fuel needed for a person to ever push their consciousness above its normal level and achieve The Aim.

ANYTHING YOU DON’T LIKE YOU WON’T BELIEVE: Updated Variation. (1) Any one you don’t like  –   you won’t believe, and the significance of this is that ordinary people under the auspices of their natural consciousness can never teach themselves anything due to the fact that they don’t mentally like themselves; the big pay off in the standard casino is: No one can believe their self  –  which is the only source for the information necessary to ever understand what is really going on.  (2) People do not seek new information about their own inner world nor man’s intangible collective one  –   they desire to discover new pleasing people dispensing information their consciousness automatically finds agreeable, and if they do not like the source  –  so much for the new info. (3) The investigator on the right track must make and keep a clear distinction in his consciousness between what his hormones (Red & Blue Circuits) like & dislike and the expressions of such by his neurons (Yellow Circuit); ordinary men have no inkling of what lies beneath  or behind their consciousness, and they thus collectively concoct fables to fill in the void (this includes all descriptions of man’s consciousness from Taoist to Christian, to Marxist, to Existentialist, to Freudian, et al) and from the endless array do all routine people find one (or a combination) that satisfies them  —   the certain few never do, and ergo find themselves drawn to The Aim.  Only an exceptional consciousness can ever satisfactorily describe consciousness – and then, only to itself, on an ad hoc basis, and only by original thought delivering an entirely new view of the matter. (4) Who are now in retrospect called, Philosophers were the first men to strive for
original thinking: they sought explanations for human consciousness that had nothing to do with the accepted ones involving gods and demons & social pressures; they were the first lovers of consciousness –  those smitten by its ability to think of possibilities that had never been thought before; they sensed the singular road open to man which indeed marked him for the unique being he is, is not just the capacity to think – but to forever think anew. (They soon learned that their excitement was not commonly shared.) Today’s special few carry on the tradition of thinking about things in a way that their natural thinking wouldn’t agree with: that is how they gradually come to like their self   —  and reach agreement with their self  — in a manner not experienced by everyone else.

APPARENTLY: A word representing the glasses through which ordinary consciousness views life, and which a nervous-system-rebel should whisper to his self as a preface to everything coming from his ordinary mind: he reminds his self that however it says things are is apparently true. In this standard state: the facts do not speak for themselves, and the certain man needs constantly remind his self of this.

ARRANGED MARRIAGES: In the upper classes & royalty the matter of love and personal preferences play no part in this civil coming together; in the nervous-system-rebel an arranged marriage is between one’s Aim and one’s self; your coming together is with your own revolutionary evolution; and in you (same as in the outside physical world) it is only those of the lower class who whine and go on about their preferences for a particular partner; about their individual tastes and likes; but the rabble have no taste nor preferences that signify anything meaningful.   The certain man is a willful party to an Arranged Marriage  –
he marries his self and becomes one.

ASLEEP: (1) Not realizing the distinction between the physical and the intangible worlds.  (2) Being asleep is the failure to realize the reality of what you are. (3) I say from one view, what I call “being asleep” is that a part of your brain has a continuing, inescapable awareness that it cannot measure (non-physically) the rest of you, while being unable to pretend otherwise. Whereas ordinary people, they cannot either, but they pretend they do. Being asleep is the inability to pretend sufficiently, and the struggle to awake is an outcome of that frustration. (4) “A man with plans is asleep; a man with regrets is asleep; a man with fears is asleep; a man who thinks about others is asleep; a man who thinks about himself is asleep, but above all, a man who comes to realize all of this and then still thinks that he should not be like this — he is the most asleep of all.” (5) The real definition of being asleep is believing that you are asleep.  (6) If you’re “thinking about being awake” — you’re asleep. (7) In the end, ‘being asleep’ is a condition wherein you think about consciousness in any way whatsoever.”

AUDIO-PHILOPHIC ALLUSION: Audiophiles believe the best sound reproduction is a straight-wire-with-gain, e.g. no filters, no enhancements, hence no distortion; the certain man’s thinking can be likened to a direct  reception and processing of information, with no distortion, no ambient noise, no boosters, no limiters or muters; what goes in is what the rebels’ consciousness receives; untranslated, uninterrupted.

AUDIO CHAIN: (1) An audio system requires speakers before it will produce sound (information); the electrical current must be converted to audio waves; man can be seen as the speaker to Life’s amp.  (2) 95% of an amplifier’s energy is spent producing wasted heat while only 5% of its power is devoted to actually driving the speakers: should this sound familiar?  –   in a much more human context?

AWAKE; ENLIGHTENED; LIBERATED: Consciousness in a state temperamentally unnatural for you.

BAD NEWS SYNDROME: The impression natural to automatic-consciousness that: “Things are going to hell!”  An indirect manifestation of Life’s own sensation that neither it nor man are ever accomplishing enough.  (You sometimes feel that you’re pretty much alone and have it tough, but picture Life looking around the vastness of this Universe and being faced with the fact: “I’ve got no one but me.”  Ultimately however, for the certain few struggling for The Aim: this very same attitude proves a real boon.)

BELIEF: Reliance on something for which you have no proof; if you believe, you also – not-believe, and that does not equal real intelligence, or thought.  Whatever you believe that you’re thinking about some matter  –  you’re not.

The BELL CURVE (Special Edition): (1) Everything in Life falls within the well known Bell Curve, but not so well observed is that as Life grows on this planet, it becomes more homogenous and enriches itself via mankind collectively by gradually pulling its extremes into the heart of the Curve.  (2) Select individuality produces technical innovations conducive to extended life; after that: uniformity allows the masses to enjoy it.  (Same deal is running in your consciousness.)

BIALITY: (1) This is the functional range of ordinary consciousness: it defines and confines normal men’s perception of how things are; it allows at best, thought to see only two sides to any issue, two aspects in fact, of Life itself. This limited condition does not spell failure in man, but in his mental view of things, provides a balance which makes possible his practical actions in an otherwise confusing and often out-of-kilter, contradictory world. (2) Because men conceive of only two (instead of the ever present three, and ultimately the undifferentiated whole) each person’s vision of things (particularly in man’s spiritual, cultural, untouchable realm) is always incomplete: every man’s conception of what is real is but partial  —  and thus always in partial conflict with other men’s; this friction supplies needed fuel to the engine driving man’s incorporeal world but furnishes nothing useful to the consciousness of the man out to solve The Puzzle.  (3) The special investigator is helped to keep alert by his resistance to the continual appearance in his own thinking of the Biality; his jarring reaction to his mundane mind’s incessant presenting of two doors, one of which it assures leads toward the solution;  this serves to remind the secret Sherlock of what a dunce man’s natural thinking can be. He shoves his thoughts first into Triality (to instigate the process of original thinking) and once underway, storms his way into the heretofore alien land of: Ideas-never-thought-before   (which blow all other ideas out of the universe).

BLUE CIRCUIT: Its Mid Position Standing; Its Sphere Of Influence. (1) The Blue Circuit (symbolic of men’s emotional activity) sits between The Red (representing the body) and the Yellow (the intellect) and is the closest the Red Circuit can get to thinking-of-action; it lacks the Yellow’s words, but affords the physique a non verbal way of displaying its attitude toward circumstances; it connects the upper and lower circuitry in man in a manner that makes civilized, collective living possible. (2) The Blue Circuit is responsible for all religious, mythological, romantic, and poetic literature; it publicly acts as an ever shifting segue between the Red & Yellow circuits; it is also the source of all emotions unprofitable to the man trying-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things (hostility, sarcasm, ridicule, criticism of all varieties); (3) The Blue Circuit is both the most frequented neighborhood of those who live in the city, and also the place from which they feel they must flee (though no one knows how  –  ergo the resorting to the external descriptions of religions, psychological, political, and philosophical models); only a man who understands what is going on can escape this inner ghetto, (all rebels find it best to avoid the place to begin with). (4) Via the Blue Circuit is how ordinary people most faithfully announce themselves to the world; the way they best present to others, what they feel themselves to be. (5) It is an area in the nervous system wherein is the closest partnership between the old and the new generations. (6) And it is (bewilderingly enough) where everything most wants to remain as it is. Thus it is here where the inner revolutionist most loudly shouts in private: “Fuck how I feel!” with the full awareness that his unnatural consciousness, and how the rest of his nervous system feels cannot be allowed unfettered accesses to one another without it severely interfering with his ongoing investigation of everything in his circuitry.

BLUE CIRCUIT PEOPLE: (1) Those who cannot act to satisfy themselves, and whose thinking-of-action is likewise unsatisfying. (The artists of the world  [City artists, to be more precise.])

BROKE: Everyone in the city feels broke if not bankrupt, and for one reason: they have no one  –   no one on whom they can depend  –  no one IN them; the man-who-understands-what’s-going-on  —  does, and thus can afford anything: this is called: Achieving The Aim.

BUSINESS: The rebel’s attitude towards his self is: “It’s all business.” When you turn your passion into a business  –  you lose the passion (a music lover opens a record store and CD’s cease to be treasures and become mere merchandise); what was previous a source of Blue Circuit excitement becomes a purveyor of goods. The rebel’s use of: “It’s all business,” is in his discovering how to treat his mentally conceived-of self as merchandise and the thoughts natural to him as fungible goods; this is the certain man’s hot-handed, cold-blooded management of his personal affairs: “Honey  –   it’s just all business.”

BUT: This one word adequately describes the entire process of city life (that is: all the activities in man’s intangible reality); this conjunction is the primo expression of binary consciousness and its manifestations of ideas; it functions as an unrecognized magic talisman to routine minds allowing them to instantly switch sides in any ideological conflict; it would be impossible to comprehensively construe man’s normal mental life without this word. (The alert man would privately study the question: Why?)

BY-PRODUCTS: In man’s intangible reality: by-products are often the product. Not understanding this is the source of much contention & confusion among ordinary people.

CAPTIVITY & EXILE: (1) Humanity is in captivity –  not exile, and until you understand that, nothing will ever make sense to you save fairy tales and myths.  (2) Those of ordinary consciousness find man’s condition disreputable, and blame it on him being in exile: driven from his rightful home, but which is a temporary anomaly.  Believing this serves two purposes: one: it keeps the door of hope open,  as in: “If I were back home, I would be well and whole,”  it perpetuates the sensation that things can change; that delivery is inevitable; it’s only a matter of time (even if it is a very long time) and two: it makes exile seem the basis of all his strictly mortal problems: (“I personally have done nothing to deserve this; it all springs from the extraordinary conditions of my exile.”) (3) If ordinary minds hear that man is in captivity they immediate announce two conclusions: if he is it is either because of external conditions, or internal ones: it must be one or the other; in the city it is always thus: there are always two possibilities and as long as there are, there is always a way out: a verbal way of describing the situation so that the material facts do not get in the way and block a mental exit. These imaginary escapes (religion, political, economic, psychological models) serve to perpetuate the real captivity.  The nervous-system-rebel must see that it is not a case of one-or-the-other: they are the same thing –  if they weren’t, no one would see a choice. (4) The certain man concerns himself only with the possible: his individual, internal escape; only good for one; you can’t bring two aboard the ark; the only escape is for one. (He who never grasps the transcendental, purely personal significance of the word one, will remain behind in the flood  –  of the illusory exile.) Though Life obviously employs the sensation of exile for its own overall good, the direct question to the inner rebel is: How can a man believe that he is not home?!  Where is it that you then belong, sir  –  on Jupiter? –  or perhaps in the body of that gentleman over on your left.  How can you think that you are not home, and then not undertake to find out why you naturally think that way.  (Hint: Your consciousness knows.)

C-, D- &  E-FORCES: (From the perspective of ordinary human consciousness in a three dimensional reality): (1) C Force represents energy/activity that appears to be constructive: D Force symbolizes energy & activity that seems to be destructive, (also in a variation, it can serve simply as a defender of the status quo) and E Force stands for energy/activity that strikes the mind as being neither of the previous two (being E-relevant, as it were). As an example: At a specific instance in time: C Force would be the construction crew at a building site; D Force would be those who tore down the previous structure that was there to make room for the new one, and E Force would be everything else human-driven, occurring on the planet except those two just mentioned activities. (2) All three forces are present in every event that happens in both the Universe, and in Life; in the material and intangible realms; it is not necessary that ordinary men be aware of this and take it into account as their automatic-consciousness makes its constant judgments of mortal affairs, but for the uncommon individual with that certain-hunger, an ongoing remembrance of this underlying reality is a must.

CELLS: (1) The role of cells is to find and expand energy. (2) The nervous-system-rebel sees all men as being dutiful cells working in the best interest of the larger cellular being, Life. (3) The certain man has more neural cells than he needs to be loyal to Life  – which he employs for his private interest.

CELLULAR LEVEL: Everything that happens in Life occurs at the cellular level; every action men take in The City is driven by cellular directives though they commonly believe quite otherwise: they like to pretend they are motivated by higher instincts (spiritual, moral, intellectual): thus is their water boiled by fires they misidentify.  The challenge to the inner outlier is whether he will blindly heed his cellular voices.

CELLULAR VOICES: (1) Though not all are vocal to consciousness’ ears: they speak from a trilateral repertoire: “I’m hungry”  –   “I’m horny” and: “Get out of my way.” (2) The man trying-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things forcibly establishes a fourth one, just for his own private use.

C-FORCE: Growth that is yet to be.

CHANGE: (1) You cannot be a passionate partisan of either C or D Force and change. (2) Change is the core cause of stress in ordinary men regardless of specific incidents they may give as same (e.g. death-of-spouse; loss-of-job; effects-of-aging). (3) Change is the oxygen of Life’s blood, yet the bane of its primary organ: human consciousness. (4) Man’s mental resistance to change simply spurs it on. (The inner rebel privately stirs up even greater change within his self; “If I’m not disturbing my own sense of status quo –   I’m not on the case.”)

CHANGE: (1) Why it is not possible in the city: The opposite of anything bears the characteristics-cum-flaws (although in reverse) of the original; thus any condition or behavior turned around can be no more satisfying than it was to begin with. (2) Any part of you that resists change  –  will never understand it. (3) All change proposed by a man’s automatic-consciousness (the city) is an attempt to alter one’s genetic past: On Life’s scale: condemnation of a current condition or mode of behavior is one set of genes trying to alter the operations of the whole organism: it is Life (through a man’s consciousness) saying: “I will undo myself.” (4) Change exists  –  but not as man’s routine consciousness conceives.

CHAOS, THE GREAT LAW OF: I know that often time my speech seems vague and obtuse, but let me mention to you one specific absolute, The Great Law of Chaos: the rule of random certainty.

CHARACTERISTICS: (1) The primary characteristic of anything is that it has characteristics; to automatic-consciousness, characteristics seem debatable and changeable; city consciousness believes the characteristics of a thing (itself principally) can be improved or abolished while still preserving the essential nature of the thing (read: oneself). (2) The goal of the certain man’s Aim is to have no characteristics; to be un-lived-in internally; be a house with no furniture –  no architectural style; it is the untraceable journey to a place that allows no characteristics.

CHESS: (1) Life holds all the pieces; men are pawns and as such, move only in a forward direction, collectively toward Life’s aim of constant-expansion. (2) Individually, pawns feel continually blind sided by moves from unexpected, even, unfair directions. (3) Internally, the certain man has removed his consciousness from the board  –  out of play in the routine game.

CHORD PROGRESSION: The continual movement & interplay between the Three Forces; a constant shifting of triads. If you picture the C, D & E forces as notes in the western scale, then you can look at Life as being a song within which the notes (the forces) play off one another in a variety of moves. And there are relative scales of the Chord Progression: the grand scale which affects the entire planet, nations, cultures, etc, and on a smaller scale, an individual man’s life can be seen as a melody being played within a limited Chord Progression, and without some extraordinary understanding, the same tune will play unchanged throughout a person’s life.

CHURNING YOUR ACCOUNT: A broker’s unethical practice of continually trading your account simply to generate commissions for him; Life churns everyone’s account  –   for its profit, so that all extant energies are traded and transformed and thus everything that Life needs to be done  —  gets done.  (Employing The Bad News Syndrome is one way Life keeps your account churned; even when things are going well there is always the feeling of bad news lurking just behind you.)  This keeps the city vibrant and vital, but does nothing to aid a man with The Aim; which is why only the moment is of any consequence in his life.

The CIRCUITS (Red, Blue & Yellow): Analogous to the body, the emotions, and the intellect. (Also metaphorically as manifested by: motion, heat & light.)

CIRCUITS (Temperatures): “Use the fire in the belly to fuel the ice water in the brain,” (the furnace in the basement supplying the heat for the penthouse). (1) The blood is heated differently by the Three Circuits: the Yellow Circuit has no heat: no passion of its own: its fervor comes from the two lower circuits; the man seeking to rearrange the inner workings of his building must learn to use the passions of his gut to directly help drive the growth of his upper floors.

The CITY: (1) Where no one is upset that the pail they are given is never filled. (2) Where people will do anything except what works. (3) A location where consciousness will consider anything  –  except what is.

CITY RED CIRCUIT CURES: Comes in three calibers: .38, .45 and .357.

COMMA: The only suitable punctuation for a dedicated investigator; everything he thinks must be left open to further consideration: there is no place for periods, nor the conjunction, but.  He must keep access to his thinking always open so that constant fresh fuel may feed his understanding. (Periods [same as nouns] are Yellow Circuit death.)

COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR: In The City: all behavior is impulsive.

COMPLEX/SIMPLE. (1) The simple are merely what they are with no potential for change —  and hence no future; the complex are not merely complicated in some uselessly entangled manner, but rather are direct, elemental and unrattled in their life and thinking; their non city mentation is thinking-without-believing  while standard thinking is inseparable from believing: thus are its bearers’ mental cages continually rattled by non belief. Rebel intelligence has no connection to believing (which is a form of unacknowledged self-reflection while lacking an individual intellectual self); the certain man’s consciousness thinks only about observable features of the thing being thought about, and ergo does not have its perception distorted by its own genetic temperament. (2) Only the consciously complex can be simple, while the simple believe they are complex. (3) That the complex consume the simple is a fact of Life’s growth and can be seen  every where from science to sociology; from cellular life to that of cultures; for the nervous-system-rebel this law’s most significant appearance is in his own thoughts. Behavior that abrogates this law is censured because it runs counter to Life’s growth: for example: cannibalism (one kind eating its own) interferes with profitable processes: it wastes energy; it’s too close to an even exchange thereof; no one profits from the act in the sense of meaningful expansion.  All growth is the complex consuming the simple; when this ceases to occur, (individually and internally as well as on a larger planetary scale) the system is dying, (e.g. men and middle age); when your personal life ceases to be ever more complex  –   you’re dying. (4) If it were possible for ordinary men to know-themselves  –  to see their intangible self as it is, Life’s need for the complex to consume the simple via man, would come to a halt; if man’s actual condition could be grasped by normal consciousness – it would constitute (from Life’s perspective) an act of cannibalism. (Only a few people experiencing this appears acceptable; in the enormity of this Universe: exceptions may matter  —  but for little.) (5) All plots, conspiracies and intrigues are the complex planning dinner; any such activity by the simple are their attempts at a coup d’état. The predominant hunger of the simple is for domination by the complex; they have no wish to understand complexity, nor to emulate it; their hunger is simply to be dominated by it. (6) Men are continually involved in crude productions to make themselves appear more complex: turning eating into dining; protection-from-the-cold into fashion. (7) The conception of time is man’s recording of the complex consuming the simple.  (8) The past is always simpler than the one studying it, hence everyone can only study the past  –  while the future forever remains too complex for their grasp.  (9) The simple survive  –   the complex flourish.

The CONSCIOUS ACT: The willful behavior of a man with that special aim, based on the fact that faking profitable behavior is profitable, and profitable behavior being any that is not natural and habitual; it is doing and saying that which you are not by temperament inclined to do.

CONSPIRACY: Theories of mortal conspiracies reflect ordinary consciousness’ secular attempt to tie everything together; it is the ventriloquist dummy’s cellular recognition of unidentified forces behind the words coming out of his mouth.

CONSTANT FLUX: Over a lifetime: the certain man’s mental condition.

COST: (1) There is no connection between cost and need for the rebel; prices are irrelevant regarding what it takes to mount the inner rebellion; conversely: Anything he can afford  –   he knows is no value to his struggle.  (2) A large part of man’s life in the intangible realm is spent calculating costs: debating the cost of Prince Charming’s coach makes Cinderella’s story just seem that much more real.  (Politics and religion have their own versions).

DANCE CARD: (1) Though Life ultimately holds everyone’s Dance Card, the nervous system rebel (to an unnatural extent) harbors one of his own; specifically as regards his non somatic inner activities, he decides what is to his own pleasure and profit while ordinary men (as dictated by their nature) are subject to the nigh uncontrollable inclination to dance whenever asked (this being part of the engine driving their collective, intangible city). (2) Being in the arms of your own nature and temperament means you always dance backwards: everyone of ordinary consciousness plays the female role and dances thus (which also makes efficient the blaming of others for all missteps): “Well he/she/it/them was supposed to be leading; I was simply following.” Ergo do people comfortably feel that things (The Dance) can only change if and when the other partner changes.  Et voila!  –  man’s city life never changes.  (3) The attraction of religions, philosophies, political & social models is that they afford their supporters the sensation that there is a humanly accessible, objectively profitable master-card  with which you can override your own natural proclivities by putting in their stead the ideas promoted by the system adopted; (from the rebel’s view, another unwitting case of: “I’ll be dumb on someone’s dime.”)  In essence what followers of any system attempt is to replace submission to their own temperament with submission to the ideas of an institution or the temperament of another individual (a guru, a rabbi, a rabble rouser, sundry heroes of all stripes).  (4) The certain man’s Dance Card could be condensed into one dictum: “I will not intangibly do what is natural to me.” (5) He who defines, controls, and the first action of those who execute a coup is to take control of the broadcast facilities and play only music suitable for the collective dance they now want from the populace: in city life: someone else always sets the stage; in the certain man’s secret life, he will not even get on their stage.  To ever get near The Aim a person must dance only according to their own Card – to the point of making up their own life as they go, otherwise there is no control  — and no control  –   no awakening  –  no anything ever occurring differently internally — where to a few, is the only place that matters.

DAYDREAMS: “Daydreaming,” the totally uncontrolled flow of apparently random and meaningless thoughts through the mind – the very and exact thing against which the “Great Struggle to Awaken” is waged – is constant, common-to and enjoyed by all men.  But note specifically – men only “daydream” of matters and events about which they have feelings.  Thus, in truth: “daydreams” are not actually “random” or “meaningless.”  They come-to-mind, then connect to other dreams, via association with feelings. What a man daydreams about pleases him emotionally, either by making him angry, or causing him to feel joy.

DEBT: (1) Life will allow you to do almost anything except get out of debt. (2) Life will permit you to think almost anything  — except that you are not in debt.

The ENDLESS LESSON:  To see Life not simply as some blind, unthinking machine, but as a delightful, infinitely full and complex living structure that the Few can study and enjoy from a multitude of pleasant viewpoints.  The Endless Lesson, This Infinite Experience.

ENVIRONMENT: (1) The “+” sign in The Equation: “I + Not-I = Everything.” (2) The internal workings of Life’s body. (3)  Everyone else’s genes.

The EQUATION (I + Not-I = Everything): (1) This equation describes the relationship between one person and the rest of life, and at first glance may appear simple, but is subtly complex and informative to an attentive eye, and gives an interested man a precise representation of where his consciousness stands in relationship to his overall conception of what is reality. (2) The signs: “+” and “=” should be seen as verbs in one’s process of expanding their consciousness, and the words: “I” and “Everything” though apparently fixed factors, are not, they too are process, forever in flux: the “I” is not a permanent, distinct and separate thing; it is but one element in a world wide network of other “I’s” which comprise a unified organism of which ordinary men are not aware, and the “Everything” which certainly by its very name seems stable, also is not, and actually grows through the extensions of the entities that compose it.

EVERYTHING: Everything is everything else.

FREEDOM DAY: Even the most tyrannical rulers have a Freedom Day at which time the people turn out to celebrate their good fortune at being tyrannized by such a wonderful despot: and note: the more repressive the tyrant, the more vocal & vigorous the celebration. (This certainly has no individual application  –  but: any time you wonder thus about another person: “How can they live like they do?!”  –  just remember Freedom Day. You might also care to note that the most efficient tyrants are always home town boys; coming from among the people, not from without. “Aye!  –   there is a viper in my bosom!  –   oh  –  it IS my bosom.”)

HABIT: (1) Ordinary sanity. (2) What holds Life together. (3)  What holds you together; the inner magnetic pull that stabilizes the activities in your consciousness sufficiently to give you a sense of a personal self (an “I”, a “me”). (4) The guiding principle guiding the Three Circuits (action, feelings & thoughts). (5) The smallest habits are the most mechanical: a man can change his bowling night, or the place of worship he attends, but can’t remember to stop picking his nose. Habit equals ordinary consciousness; ordinary consciousness is the smallest possible expression of man’s potential consciousness.

HEREDITY Vs ENVIRONMENT: The resolution to this age old debate is: Everything is due to heredity, and environment is the sum total of everyone else’s heredity.

HERO: Anyone you gossip about

HISTORY: The history of you is divided into three eras: the barbarian; the troubadour & the philosopher (Red,Blue & Yellow Circuits).

HOBBIES, Unfit For The Few: Health, wealth, worry.

HOLOGRAPHIC TIMBRE: With developed hearing you can listen to one thing but hear something else.  Necessary for ever getting-to-the-bottom-of-things.)

The INFINITE COMMENT: (1) The ceaseless flow of Life; its unbounded play of energies. (2) The Infinite Comment is Life speaking for itself  —  through man. (3) It is an endless verb which man’s consciousness chops into digestible bits (nouns); The Infinite Comment is like a gigantic sandwich from which consciousness slices off a piece; chews it; spits it out; picks it up; examines it; turns it over; examines it some more, then chews on it some more  –   over and over again.  (4) Only a man who has privately gotten to the bottom of things can hear the endless and ever entertaining sound of The Infinite Comment.

INFORMATION & Its Necessary Movement For Profit: In order to make a profit, those who produce goods must move them from their place of production; no one can realize a profit by raising the same crop as his neighbors and then attempting to sell it to his neighbors; to be valuable goods must be transported to areas where they are not produced. This applies to ideas as well as tangible stuffs; it applies particularly to the nervous-system-rebel who must move ideas internally in his self from whence they originated to fresh markets whereat they turn him a surprising profit. If you do not keep your ideas and information moving  –   it is wasted.

The INFORMATION & The Entertaining: Ordinary consciousness considers these to be two entirely different matters (which helps keep it ordinary).

INNER EXPANSION: (1) The activation of one’s intangible possibilities. The nervous-system-rebel may as well picture himself as being born with a wiring system so unusually loose that he could have potentially turned out to be almost anybody; it seems that by the age of majority (as far as others were concerned) he had assumed a more or less specifically identifiable persona, but he always felt otherwise: as though something quite significant, but unknown, had been left undone. Such a person can have no dark side of the moon; there can be no part of their nervous system of which they are less than fully cognizant; there can be nothing about their consciousness of Life that is foreign to them. (2) Inner Expansion establishes at the very least a communication between what one’s thinking would normally accept and reject: thus is such a person never shocked,  disappointed or annoyed by Life. (3) By Inner Expansion one swallows the plus (+) sign in The Equation: I + Not-I = Everything; after that, one consumes the Not-I  –  then floats in the E-relevant Flow. (4) Inner Expansion is the taking full advantage of the Loose Wire.

The INTERNAL CIRCUITRY: (1) Three intersecting circuits (The Red, Blue & Yellow) whereby Life’s energy (The Primal Flow) is converted into useable form within the nervous system of man. (2) The development of The Circuitry is the history of man. (3) Via The Circuitry does The Primal Flow’s final transformation result in a man’s sense of “I”.  (4) While each Circuit has it own function and responsibilities, none operate independently of the others.

The IRRELEVANT: The way to increase your understanding of something is to go play in the irrelevant.

JUST PAST EVERYTHING IS ITSELF AGAIN: (1) The difficulty with change is that no matter how far you go you always end up no more than thought’s breadth from where you started: this is Life’s ultimate safety net, and saves it from having to be on guard to retreat: if things go too far  –  they will end up back in their place of origin.  (2) Nothing runs indefinitely and what starts as change doesn’t end as change: it just keeps going until it is its own self again; a reformed drunk isn’t changed  –  he is his self without the booze; the challenge for the man attempting to alter the operations of his consciousness is that it is both borderless like the Universe and singular like it as well; thus it is not possible to effect an internal alteration that can be objectively measured; ergo no one can know for a fact that another man has achieved The Aim  –  is awake from the dream; is come out of the inner dark and into the light; how indeed is the man himself to objectively know that he has done so conclusively?! (But when you achieve it  –  none of this matters.)

The LACK-OF-ONENESS & The TWE APPROACH: Human consciousness perceives a distinct lack-of-oneness and an abundance of dualities which is a prime location for the application of the TWE Approach, whereby you look at a given situation and ask yourself: “To What End does Life have things thus arranged? What profitable purpose is being served?” (To choose a specific area): consider the copious number of significant seeming duos in the cultural/intangible life of man and ponder: TWE?  Why is it beneficial to Life for men to perceive there being such dualities as the following, for instance: (1) What is said and what is heard. (2) Man’s inner self and his visible one. (3) Anatomy and Physiology: TWE do we need one word for what a thing appears to physically be and another for how it works? Why the existence of both nouns and verbs? (4) Governments and religions: both reassure men and both require submission, but in what manner and to what end are they so different as to require separate sobriquets? (5) Excuses and reasons: an excuse is simply a non valid reason: you won’t accept it from others and you don’t actually expect them to from you, so why even have both: something is either a reason or it’s not; why the façade that fools no one? (6) What men believe and what actually happens. (7) Wants and needs: humans are the only creatures who would not fully be themselves if all they had was just what they needed to stay alive. Wants are expendable while needs are necessities, yet everyone in their normal speech incessantly interchanges the two, and on a personal level it goes even deeper: the wants of others are clearly frivolous while yours are righteous. (8) Misled and misguided: The former seems externally sourced and the latter internally based errancy, but the alert man understands that there is no out-there as opposed to a separate in-here  —  so: TWE does Life have imposed in man’s consciousness this illusion of a duality where none exists? (9) Cost and value: Cost is incurable and ostensibly calculable only when another party is involved in the transaction; value is possible only in dealings you have with yourself. Cost talks  –  value is silent (from another view): If you can discuss the cost of a thing,  it has no value. (Personal variation: If you can tell others, what-kind-of-guy-you-are  –  you has no value.      [And no, this is not an error in grammar.])

LANGUAGE: (1) In part, language is used to assign blame; if the city had a working motto it could be: “Somebody’s To Blame”  –  someone has to be responsible for this (whatever this at the moment happens to be). (2) Language is arranged to accommodate consciousness, and Life’s needs are the grammatical structure for all that humans say. Sentence structure is man’s nervous system taking on form in the apparent out-there; among ordinary people, words are unanalytically taken to be things that somehow exist apart from the men who mouthed them (at least in many significant instances). (3) In this rhetorical system, consciousness must consider itself a noun (the subject) or man could not perceive a distinction between his mental in-here and the out-there; the Equation (I + Not-I = Everything) would implode and consciousness could no longer function as a practical weapon in the struggle to survive; man would be unable to mentally discern between his self and others in an intangible sense and could thus not properly lay-the-blame where it belongs  —  on others. Subjects exist in language to express something about action  –  not vice versa as routine consciousness would have it  –  but if there is no actual subject (which from the rebel’s view there is not) then there is no one TO blame, for action itself cannot be responsible for its acts; the act of your car hitting mine is not what is at fault, but rather you were the fault  –  you the driver. (4) When you are ready to assign blame there are two choices: either them or you, (your consciousness, that is) and it has no nature for selecting itself for the distinction: Life did not get where it is today (that is: still here) by blaming itself, and any time a man has the twin choices available, he too has no inclination to accept any blame that insists on finding a home. (5) When you amputate the noun as the source of blame, as the author of your mistreatment  –  you cease to be mistreated (“I can accept the hurricanes, but not the realtor who sold me this place and never mentioned their likelihood”) (6) In its language, Life uses man’s speech as a modifier; his consciousness is a qualifier: it does not actually create intangible goods, but modifies them; the Yellow Circuit didn’t actually invent religion, fear in the Red Circuit was its mother, Yellow just hung the words on it. (7) To be a normal person you must perceive no simple nouns nor people; only he who understands what is going on might visually qualify as a simple noun, and internally, in private, as a super complex verb.

The LOOK-AWAY METHOD: There is an approach that you can invent for yourself, that you can adopt as your own by which you “look away” – always looking up just over the heads of thoughts, over all the words and images, and beyond to the infinite horizon. (Always trying to arise from the caustic depths of your mind, taking full control of your consciousness, while keeping the whole affair as non-specific as possible.) Also see below–

The LOOK METHOD: If you want to know what is going on with Life  –   look.

The LOOKOUT: Stay on it

The LOOSE WIRE: (1) A part of the certain man’s nervous system that is not permanently soldered into place as part of their public persona; whereas every other wire (or electrochemical circuit) is fixed and predictable in its activity, The Loose Wire in the few is the place in their brain where a bit of energy appears that has not been spent on supporting their natural inner structure, temperament and mind’s way of thinking; it is energy potential not yet channeled into a specific outlet; it is a site where Life itself is attempting to expand through you (more precisely): through your consciousness. It manifests itself from your view as you wanting to outgrow you. (2) The Loose Wire is an evolutionary bridge between what Life is and what it will be. (3) It is the one area of the nervous system capable of not being overwhelmed and dominated by automatic-consciousness’ sense of “I”. (4) It is the means whereby the certain man can move C Force energy into higher areas of his nervous system (and thus be freed from the Bad News Syndrome). (5) The Loose Wire is the special inner ears by which The Few are able to hear The Aim speak.

LYING: Any comment on what has happened to you.

MAGIC: The Straight Line Phenomenon: it can’t happen  –  that’s why it’s magic.

MAPS: (1) Two dimensional descriptions of a three dimensional reality. (2) A travel guide, a verbal pointing: they are not the destination, nor a substitute for the actual journey. (3) The special maps of the inner explorer are all temporary, ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-unfinished, and ultimately disposable (though only the-man-who-knows  –   knows when to toss them. [Hint: the when is: when words begin to choke you.])

MARKSMANSHIP: (1) To hit anything  –  you must aim at it; you don’t aim  –  you won’t hit. (2) Everybody aims at something; ordinary men are given their target along with the belief that they can hit it; ordinary men’s targets are illusory (as in: unsubstantial, intangible, incorporeal —  non existent). (3) A few unconventionally wired humans have the resources to sense and aim at a target not even suspected by the routine, which can only be hit through an extraordinary aiming process: one which cannot be taught  –  only pulled up from an unmapped well, deep in the unexplored regions of the mind. (4) In essence (in a quirky way): the nervous-system-rebel aims at his self  –  but not the one everybody around him sees. (5) For the certain man there is but one target: The Aim.

ME: (1) Behind men’s constant verbal reference to their “I” (which produces in no one a solid sense of certainty and satisfaction) lurks a subtle sensation of there being some sort of actual “me”  –  in fact, two me’s: a real me and a sham me (which is what appears as the “I”) and without any analyzation or understanding, ordinary men feel that the real me is the good me and should be dominating the false, bad me  —  and then feel guilty that it does not. (2) As expediently used here: the real Me represents the un activated potential in the few as symbolized by The Loose Wire; you can certainly coast through your sixty odd years living on the mechanical energy of your natural born genetic self, temperament and style of so-called thinking (your fake Me; your public “I”) or you can turn your consciousness’ attention away therefrom, thus depriving it of AMv12 and weakening its effect (particularly on your higher Circuits) thus making available the energy needed to awaken you from man’s special form of waking-sleep that would otherwise not be there, that would be otherwise spent in support of the imaginary “I” your consciousness perceives to be you acting out its role in the collective inner dream that constitutes the unique intangible realm that defines the singular character of man. (3) The special investigator who is fully on the case does not operate as a verbally expressed “I”  –  but always as a non speaking Me.

MECHANICAL: (1) That which is mechanical is that which is ordinary, in Life, in the Universe and in man’s consciousness; at no routine level is the non mechanical expected or acceptable; in life’s everyday affairs there is no room for willful action or change; under normal conditions, man does nothing: everything is done through him; he functions as a cog in a vivas machina (a living machine). (2) To be-mechanical is to be yourself; to feel about things as per your temperament feels; to describe matters in your head as per your head’s unplanned descriptions thereof. (3) To be-mechanical is to be one of Life’s good foot soldiers; to do the minimum   —  and get paid the minimum. (4) To be-mechanical in your invisible life is to take the comfortable, dreamy approach to life.

MEDEVESQO: (1) Cure by inquiry: treatment through scrutiny.  Medevesqo is a phenomenon that occurs unseen by routine men, whereby the looking-into something broken  –   fixes it: taking your VCR in for repair, repairs it; the nervous-system-rebel’s use of this lies in the fact that man’s internal human problems cannot withstand any clinical examination; if a man with The Aim looks coldly at one of his intangible problems (remembering that: “It’s all business”)  –  the problem goes away. (2) Medevesqo (the examination of a problem as its solution) is a prime example of the original thinking necessary to ever see for yourself what is really going on: the certain man’s ills cannot be treated by any known means (and for the simple reason that they are already known); his treatment must be fresh and home grown: he must do something irregular and irrelevant  –  like: look sangfroid at what is going on inside him and his circuitry.
Note: medivesco and medivesgo are  misspellings and included here for search results

MINISTRIES OF DEPRESSION AND OF STIMULATION: (1) Everyone’s internal government includes these two ministries whose combined actions provide in ordinary men’s Blue Circuitry the range of emotions needed for routine stability. (2) Depression: The slowing of vital activities. Stimulation: The quickening of essential functions. Pursuing The Aim is a revolt against the Ministry of Depression; all slowing down is anathema to originality of thought; the special investigator can make no headway toward a solution unless every day is a fresh exercise in renewed excitement over the case.

MIRACLES: (1) For the many: what they don’t understand; for the few: what they do. (2) Things that occur in the E Flow.

MISDIRECTION & DECEPTION: (1) Supreme teaching aids concerning both Life and  the certain man’s aim. (2) Save the so labeled, scientific study of the material world: nothing can be directly taught or learned; information based on linear progression is pertinent only in the physical realm; in man’s inner, intangible world pursuing such a course is imbecilic; there is no substantial premise from which to start, thus does the education (more precisely: self education) of the certain man demand Misdirection & Deception: views that transcend (or avoid) all reason (more exactly): all impotent reasoning. (3) As irrational as it sounds to a reasonable consciousness: the nervous-system-rebel must learn how to use Misdirection & Deception as a tool in his own extraordinary instruction, or else he simply relearns all the useless stuff he already knows.

MYTH: Yellow Circuit’s attempt to utilize Red Circuit’s non verbal, cellular memory.

NEURALIZING: (1) Thinking about something in a manner other than your native consciousness normally would. (2) Thinking about something without actually thinking about it. (3) Being conscious of something without consciousness saying that it is. (4) Examining something without picking it up. (5) Neuralizing is more a condition than a method; it is thinking about something without any baggage of the past; without any ideas about it that you have heard or already had yourself. (6) To Neuralize is to float a thought in your consciousness above the grasp of Binality (the concept of an idea having to be either true or false); this willfully produced cerebral condition can open an understanding of a matter to you that would never occur via the route of standard mental processes; it permits your consciousness to see a matter not as a still, lifeless object but as a part of Life in motion. (7) Neuralizing is the attempt not just to see the thing being thought about  –  but to see Everything  –   everything all at once, (which explodes The Equation into a whole new stratosphere).

NEW INFORMATION: (1) For information to be New it must be threatening to that which currently exists. (2) New Information does not lend itself to debate, editing or amendment. (3) If it is really New Information, when the inner rebel hears it his private response is: “If this is true  –  I’m a dead man  —   hopefully this time for good.”

NEWS: (1) All regular news is bad news; all good news is yet to be. (2) The certain man’s job is to continually produce his own good news.

The NON-EVENTFUL NATURE OF EVENTS: What happens to you intangibly is of no significance until the cellular voices report to consciousness on the matter; carried to an extreme: if one ceased reading/heeding these reports he would discover the intangible realm to be of no significance. (Another word for this is: Freedom  –   freedom from the frivolous.)

NOUNS: (1) An operation by automatic-consciousness whereby the heart of reality (the process of Life) is constructed to consist of fixed parts; it sees individual people and objects as being of paramount importance (compared to what they do) which with objects fits well as witnessed by man’s technology, but consciousness employing this position when it looks at matters in man’s intangible, cultural/spiritual/artistic/intellectual realm results in no similar practical benefits (not if your goal is to personally understand what is going on with Life). (2) To the person pursuing The Aim: nouns do not meaningfully exist:
everything significant is a verb; Life itself is a process  –  not a thing. If it is alive  –   it is a verb, not a noun. Anyone going after the goods already has enough nouns; what you need do is transform them into verbs (that is): activate your information: turn lifeless Knowledge into Understanding and the machinery to do the job is: Original Thinking.

OBJECTIVE MAN AND SUBJECTIVE MAN: A Subjective Man wants to see what he wants to see, while an Objective Man wants to see what is to be seen.

The OBVIOUS: A most underrated aspect of Life: that which the ordinary see, but never see the significance of  –  because  –   well, because it’s obvious  —  therefore the ordinary assume they understand it. (The ordinary will live forever [if you want to call that living.])

ORDINARY CONSCIOUSNESS: Sensible shoes for normal adults.

ORDINARY TALK: A cover up for lack of thought. (In the nervous-system-rebel: lack of original thought.)

PALINDROME: The certain man is a living palindrome (that is): He reads the same forwards and backwards.

PARADISE: As imagined by ordinary minds: a place free of all change. (None grasp that it has already been achieved in their thinking.)

PARALLAX PHENOMENON: (1) The phenomenon whereby the position of an object being viewed changes with respect to a shift in the viewer’s position. (2) The man seeking to get-to-the-bottom-of-things can make use of this Parallax to alter (always a prelude to expand) his perception of any matter, (is particularly appropriate concerning affairs toward which his temperament feels a natural antipathy. Aka: You-can-always-move-to-montana  –   or: If something bugs you  –   move  –  shift your inner position). Mystical dilettantes have forever employed this in the crude material sense: seeking to achieve The Aim by physically relocating themselves. Another phenomenon called: “Yeah, I may be an idiot sleepwalker in frankfort, but just wait ’til you see me in katmandu.” (Note: All of the certain man’s meaningful moves are made in private.)

PARTIALLY KNOWN: (1) In ordinary consciousness: things are not as they are  –  things are as they partially are; if man’s nervous system did not take things partially, everyone would see that things are as they are, and no one would attempt to change anything and there would be no civilization, culture or technology.  (2) Nothing in man’s intangible realm is known  –   everything is partially known; if things there were known as they are  –  they would be known to not be there, and this important collective reality would collapse. (3) Things only partially seen are always seen as being something other than what they are; X partially seen is not seen as X, but as Y (even, anti-X). (4) Nothing can be seen and known totally  –  and if it is, you can’t put a name on it. (5) Using natural born consciousness: no one can ever see their self in full, or know what they are in toto: having any complaint with yourself is the unmistakable sign that what is known about you  –   to you is only partial; only with extraordinary and unnecessary effort can this be surpassed. (6) All responses your ordinary consciousness has toward you as a discrete human being are responses to a partiality, and all stories it tells about you (and by default, others) seem plausible because they’re all partially valid; what men’s routine consciousness cannot accept is a presentation of the complete picture: “Oh no! –  that CAN’T be correct!” is the eternal name of that tune.

THE PARTY: (1) One image of Life on earth, with men the primary guests, but they are not simply at The Party  –  they are inseparable from The Party; without them there would be no party here. (2) In their own different ways: the three circuitry types of men (Red, Blue & Yellow) enjoy The Party, but no one does like the man who sees the affair for what it is. (This is why alcohol and other substances that alter men’s mental perceptions are so popular at ordinary soirees: they allow the sensation of having fun while putting restraints on the possibility of realizing what is actually going on.) (3) The certain man privately parties like there is no past  (same as Life does publicly).

PAST: (1) The father of all names. (2) The mother of all fears. (3) That which by its own definition, doesn’t exist. (4) The only place where a man can sleep & dream.

PAYOFF: There is some nourishment in everything: always a payoff to any energy exchange between two discrete entities, but the nourishment normally available to man is insufficient for the rebel’s activity: you cannot get healthier from partially substantial information.

PLACEBO EFFECT: (1) Consciousness’ labeling of anything that does not fit its inherent model of how things are as, imaginary  —  or, speculative; keeps it as well as do sugar pills men under a psychiatrist’s care. (Note: how this conflicts with the ingrained notion  that events move in a straight, rational line: one thing reasonably causing another, but in the Placebo Effect, this all breaks down; the imaginary influences the real: “This can’t be happening!  — there is no basis for this cure!” — yet a placebo provides one.) (2) In man’s intangible reality: everything is the Placebo Effect: there are no real treatments since there are no real illnesses.

PLURALITY OF THOUGHT  & THE ILLUSION THEREOF: (1) At the ordinary level there is no Plurality Of Thought  —  only the appearance thereof, which is all that man collectively requires. (2) By nature, each man’s consciousness has the impression that there is Plurality Of Thought consisting of the thought it has on any given subject (which is the correct one) and incorrect thought, which is any in conflict with its. The friction between these two is what fuels mankind’s collective mind, but the reality of Plurality Of Thought is lost on the ordinary individual (a victim of Biality). (3) Only the man working for The Aim experiences true Plurality Of Thought  –  which is preparation for him producing his own original thought.

POLITICIANS (Leaders Of All Stripes): (1) People with no other talent. (2) People with one talent: the ability to dominate.

POPULACES, MOBS & CROWDS: All populaces are inescapably stupid: this is true in the political realm as well as the internal; the mob that inherently comprises your automatic-consciousness is irredeemably dumb and cruel; that’s how Life makes it  —  that’s how it is. Therefore:  no positive change can ever come from a mass activity; such can destroy an empire  –  but not construct one; it can denounce an art  –  but not create one itself. The inner rebel understands by natural feel that no assistance is possible to him from any mass undertaking: such activity is always cruder, dumber, and more simplistic than you. The populace that is your natural born consciousness has no respect for the Monarch (your “I” –  your personality) that through blood descent is on the throne of your nervous system kingdom because it does not exercise unconditional power, and govern via unappealable decisions: this is why everyone feels bad about themselves. Real rebels have a proper disgust of mobs  –  internally and otherwise.

POWER: (1) The purpose of power is to exercise power and the proper exercise of power has nothing to do with right-&-wrong morality; nothing more in the city is to be said of significance concerning power. (2) If you do not exercise power  –   you do not have power; what you think you have is but a dream.  (3) Real power does not discuss itself; it does not debate – it decrees – it exercises: if it announces, it does so simultaneously with acting; any interplay that may occur between the ruling power and the populace is not found in discussions regarding the former’s actions but in such actions themselves. (4) The ruler who does not exercise power that cannot be swayed by words will not have the respect of those he rules, and a ruler who is not respected will lose his power. (5) In a refined kingdom where the ruling power understands the exercise of power, when it announces a decree, the populace does not ask: “Why?” or: “How is it to be accomplished?” –  the people simply act in response. All of this entry addresses the rebel’s governing of his own inner state.

POWER: (1) Power is the ability to dominate; you are either born with it or not; in a closed physical system, energy gets moved by the push/pull activity inherent in a situation of the dominant and the submissive; in man’s non physical reality the arrangement seems the same but the outcome is different: it is meaningless; “My god can whip your god” (but if you want it interesting add: “And if you don’t accept that idea, I’ll whip you!” [Going from Yellow to Red Circuit in a trice.]) (2) Power and control are not the same thing; control is apparent power; real Power is real power. Real Power does not have to be visible; those who appear to be in control may not hold the power; the actual authority in a kingdom may not rest with the figure on the throne; so too does the inner rebel view the natural conditions within the kingdom of his consciousness; the voice there that says “I” and bespeaks power is known to him to be a pretender to the throne; this mentally/verbally supported personality-of-I  appears to the public to be in control (after all, his words are taken as statements of fact concerning official government policy for each man’s personal kingdom) but after adequate personal investigation, the special detective realizes that this spokesman that each person had lodged in a certain area of their brain has no real Power (it doesn’t even know what it is going to say next). The inner investigator determined to solve the case does not waste his energy wrangling with a vichy regime; to ever liberate his self from the dream a man must align himself with the real Power (once he abandons all dealings with the faux). (3) Power is permanent; whereas control can be lost. (4) Power is invisible cause; apparent power (control) is visible effect; in his Yellow circuitry is man standing straddling the two; in his unique reality; products of the Yellow Circuit (words) can, under certain conditions, seem more potent than even action, yet any power they have is not under their control; they are effects  –   not causes, and the man-who-understands, never forgets this. (5) Past a certain place in the outlier’s inner adventure: sustained concentration is the supreme Power. (6) Those with real Power fix things before they break, (and ask yourself: “Which requires, what?”)

THE POWERLESS: The Powerless must accept other men’s definitions of reality and their identification of the enemy; the Powerless must believe in freedom of will and fear change; the Powerless are in charge of protecting the status quo; only a person who understands the above can exercise anything resembling actual power.

PRIDE Vs VANITY The difference between them is that one involves spectators.

PRIMAL FLOW: (1) The Primal Flow is the undifferentiated energy of Life; everything man’s Yellow Circuit has named is the Primal Flow divided and given identifiable form. The Primal Flow can be pictured as the original action, with everything else being but reaction; all observable phenomena, from trees and dogs to men and your own thoughts, are a result, a by-product, a spin-off of the Primal Flow. It is the continual story of creation, and is acted out, heartbeat by heartbeat, in your own nervous system; every moment of your physical existence is the Primal Flow manifesting into Life, and every pulse-cum-thought in your consciousness a similar reflection. (2) The Primal Flow must constantly divide and distribute itself in ever widening circles to grow and survive; if it remained in a pristine, undifferentiated state, nothing would happen; we would see no Life in this Universe, but as it is we have flowers, wheat, birds, bacteria, man and what he calls his, works: his art, his literature, his mythology, his religion, his social sciences, (all in all): the totality of his Yellow Circuit’s story-telling, and it all comes from one source: the Primal Flow; surging first through the Life Of Life, then to man’s Red Circuit, then into his Blue, and finally, his Yellow Circuit, all the while dividing and transforming itself into an astounding variety of forms, some to human eyes, complimentary, and others in conflict, but the cumulative result is the never ceasing machinery that keeps Life robust and on the move; in a quite valid sense: via the multiplicity of Life does the Primal Flow stabilize its own expansion as does Life via man’s consciousness; the ultimate result to the awakened eye is what appears as The Seamless Universe. (This energy is of course what a few men have forever so ardently sought to comprehend, and which man’s automatic-consciousness [which long ago gave up the struggle] has given in and labeled, god; the man who would get to the bottom of everything and solve this case is not however distracted by this adolescent ploy of mankind’s collective mind. Saying that Santa’s home is in Atlantis rather than at the north pole accomplishes naught.) (3) The Primal Flow can also be pictured as the place where nothing-happens, a condition, when indescribably applied to one’s own consciousness, can reveal areas therein which you never knew existed (unexplored parts of the inner Seamless Universe).

PRIVILEGED INFORMATION: (1) Silent information; the only information useful to the nervous-system-explorer, because it is original to him and only he knows it. (2) Privileged Information is information that cannot be told.

PROBLEMS: (1) If they’re not chemical  –  they’re not real problems; they are hierarchical concerns: if you are not physically ill, you are sick with worry about your position. (2) The preferred treatment of problems in the city is denial: a lowering (or better still) a withdrawal of consciousness from the problem. (Hence the favored use of drugs and alcohol there). For the nervous-system-rebel, turning away is never a fit treatment. (3) The certain man does not in any usual sense have the problems common to other people, for he sees that what they call problems is in truth the people themselves. (4) A word to hide the challenge of change.

PROFIT: In the city, the illusion that you can get more out of a system than you put into it. (Clearly an impossibility, but it serves a distinct purpose for Life).

PSYCHOSOMATIC: (1) From the rebel’s view: all non physical ills are psychosomatic, be they diagnosed by priests, psychologists, political thinkers, sociologists or philosophers; if it is making you sick, and you can’t touch it, you are suffering from normal human consciousness. (2) The man dedicated to Solving The Case has no taste for sickness  – even when he is sick  –  which is the only useful treatment.

PURPOSE: (1) The purpose of a thing cannot be stated; nothing works to its stated purpose; everything works to work: if it’s here  –  it’s working, and failure to meet its stated purpose is part of its working. (2) Only the certain man realizes the purpose to things (which is why he never says).

The PUZZLE: Be out to solve it.

The QUESTION (One Of A Dozen Versions Of The Supreme Muser): Am I conscious, or  –  is consciousness me?

RATIONALIZATION: A buffering of yourself from the fact that you don’t know what’s going on.  (Also goes under the cover of denouncing others for their ignorance.)

REAL ACTIONS: Real actions are not dependent on reasons: only impotent actions require reasoning. (Note: Actions that succeed are never questioned.)

REAL INFORMATION: Information that stimulates extraordinary growth in your nervous system.

REALLY RICH: (1) You’re not really rich until you don’t care; until you are free from humanly contrived problems. (2) You’re not really rich in knowledge until it means nothing to you. (3) You’re not really rich in experience until you never think about it. (4) You’re not really rich in spirit until you don’t care how you feel about how you feel.  When you are really rich: even the cellular voices can’t talk to you about being rich  –  you’re too rich to listen to them!

REAL PERSON: One who can keep a diary and never use the word “I”.

REAL PHYSICIAN: One whose being has as much beneficial effect on his patients as do his prescriptions. (Note: physicians exist in many fields;
the certain man has a private one in residence in his head.)

REAL REBEL: (1) The Real Rebel knows that everything ordinary men believe to be true about all intangible matters is not  –  and neither is its opposite. (2) The Real Rebel forgets what others remember and  remembers what others never notice in the first place. (3) The Real Rebel lives his inner life as if it were a calm in a storm  –  and/or as if it were a willfully stirred storm in a stifling calm.  (4) The Real Rebel is indifferent to what frightens and excites others, and foremost: indifferent to his self –  the one pictured by his establishment consciousness. (5) The Real Rebel might be: cheated  –  but never taken; sick  –  but not suffer; tired  –  but not disgusted; anxious  –  but not desperate; down but never beaten.   The chopping block distinction between The Real Rebel and his many dilettante imitators is that if you are the real deal, then as long as you are breathing, your efforts to go ever further in the inner exploration, never flag.

REAL REVOLUTIONIST: A tight ship with a loose cargo: one who appears to be a reasonably well held together noun, but is in truth an internal verb that is loose as a goose.

REASONS: (1) Reasons exist only in the city, and are a substitute for Misdirection & Deception. (2) Looking for reasons in a three dimensional reality using a binary mind is folly; if your consciousness deals only in the search for reasons and linear cause-&-effect, you will never see anything new.

REFORM: The substitution of one habit for another. Status: The driving force in the city (after food and sex). The concern for one’s position in the pack is shared by all so-called social animals (read: those with a Blue Circuit) and is significant to their health and survival, but man’s version extends into his Yellow Circuit, which he alone possesses, and manifests itself in ways that only the queen of hearts could make sense of. Proclaims she: “When there’s nothing material to fight over  — fight over nothing.” Without thin air, man would have no cultural world.

REGAL COLLUSION: Whereby friendly kings lead their countries into war with each other for mutual benefit; picture C & D Forces as the two kings, then ask yourself: “Where would they meet to plan such sorties, and what might I learn from this about the goings-on in my own Yellow Circuit consciousness?”

RIGHT ANGLE SURPRISE: Where there is always another relevant observation to be made after one’s original insight.

ROYAL BLOODLINES: (1) There are the named, visible ones in the external world that long provided the hereditary rulers of the earth’s population, but there is also an invisible, unknown process whereby those who know of it can bolster the quality of their metaphorical blood through the efforts to achieve The Aim: it is by not squandering the symbolic Amv12 present in everyone’s blood, but which is normally depleted through the discharge of routine human emotions and ideas before it can reach the level of consciousness; thus the process is one of enrichment-via-conservation. (2) You cannot inherit this special blood line, nor have it passed on to you; only you can cause it in yourself.

SECRET KNOWLEDGE: The notion that there is such is one of Life’s greatest diversionary ploys.  (This does not mean that it could not be true  –  it just keeps it from being so for those of routine consciousness.)

SINCERITY: (1) At the ordinary level it reflects a person’s concern over the connection between the Two Voices (public and private) which forces them to present to others an image of one who has no voice speaking within them that differs from the one speaking aloud: this is the living definition of: Sincerity. (2) Each person’s premier thespian effort (albeit under duress). (3) The private investigator’s Sincerity is willful, and in this way its pretense is not at all like everyone else’s. (4) The  rebel will hug Life and say: “I love you guy”  –  then forget about it. (Real Acting is the certain man’s eternal saving grace.)

SOLUTION (Real): The only real solution is one that renders a problem irrelevant. (Don’t limit your view to the physical world if you decide to check the veracity of this statement.)

SONG OF LIFE: There is an unknown Song of Life, it has a rhythm, a melody and words. Each of the three Circuits plays its part in the symbiotic symphony, and the Few bathe in its glory.

SORT OF: There is no such thing.

STARING/NOT STARING (1) A pithy physically based description of that grand intangible struggle at the heart of the Certain Aim that so beguiles a special few; to the nervous-system-rebel it is the true representation of the notion of evil vs. good; it is quite simply the certain man’s willfully staged set-to between staring & not staring: the eyeball announcement of one’s state of consciousness. (2) Though organisms (including man) have a natural tendency to stare, in all men under certain conditions there is a slight resistance (or at least professed resentment) to staring. The tendency to stare is strongest in the older, lower circuits (Red & Blue), and less in the younger Yellow Circuit (wherein it can interfere with solving problems which require precise mental abstractions). (3) All of man’s religious shalt-nots pertain to things that make men stare. (4) One of the rebel’s solutions to staring is playing-in-the-irrelevant (E Force, which renders the problem of staring, e-relevant); elephants don’t stare at fleas; real children with apples on their heads don’t stare at William Tell, and a real man’s consciousness doesn’t stare at the stuff his brain perfunctorily throws up on the screen.

STATE (With Notoriously Unsecured Borders): (1) Man’s inner state is a domain with notoriously unsecured borders; a cell in a larger organism (Life) with porous walls through which foreign seeming energies pass at will; no internal entity has firm knowledge of where the borders are, nor the ability to defend against the constant assaults from without; thus in the city (man’s consciousness under normal conditions) men feel continually invaded and abused. (2) There is no actual border, wall or separation of any sort between any of Life’s internal parts, and man alone feels such as a side effect of consciousness, which must think in such a fashion to imagine the mechanics that constitute technology, which clearly does him benefit, but the mental sensation of there being a border (well defined and defended or not) serves no specifically beneficial purpose, but for the man seeking to get-to-the-bottom-of-things it does have a definite downside (it crams a high speed drill in his eyes). (3) The lack of fixed borders within Life allows for the interchange of energies necessary for growth; the lack of them in man’s Yellow Circuit consciousness gives it also the potential for expansion (but only if the person in whom it resides specifically works for it). (4) Being a state with unsecured borders is at the core of normal men’s feeling of their “I” –   their personality  –   their sense-of-self being so weak and shaky, and the deeper this is felt, the more is an ordinary man driven to talk and impotently brag about his self; (Paradise’s promotional brochure is always pushier than Bangkok’s). (5) The nervous-system-rebel must exercise Power over his internal borders so as to control what lower circuit energies reach consciousness. (6) Every man’s natural born consciousness (cum personality) has unsecured borders and will thus remain throughout his life; it is only by the certain man’s private explorations and opening up of previously unused areas of his brain that a new consciousness is born: a new inner state/mental kingdom, and it is THIS one alone that has actual borders: boundary lines dividing the world of dreams and reality, and it is only within these borders that the real-deal-man resides.

The STOP AND TAKE A LOOK METHOD: (1) A sure fire way to alter your state of consciousness: Constantly stop and grab the last thought that just passed through your mind and take a look at it  –   that’s all: just take a quick look at it; then let it go (wherever it was headed to before you stopped it) and grab the next one and take a look at it and so on. (This  method comes with a money back guarantee.)

STRAIGHT LINE: Nothing goes therein.

STRAIGHT LINE ILLUSION: The routine mind’s concept of cause & effect: the belief that anything can be made to go from here to there; a sensation without which men would attempt nothing uniquely human; there would be no civilization, no technology, no religious beliefs. Ordinary consciousness operates as though everything goes in a straight line, when the underlying reality is that of omni-direction movement  –  whereby everything affects everything but does not cause it.

SUBJECTIVE MAN AND OBJECTIVE MAN:  A Subjective Man wants to see what he wants to see, while an Objective Man wants to see what is to be seen.

SUFFERING: A personal form of hostility and expression of stupidity: it is a person effectively announcing: “Things should not be as they are”  –  a total denial  –  in fact, a denunciation   – of Life.

SURVIVAL: The art of being able to minimize fear, hesitation, and stagnation.

SURVIVAL WITH A FLAIR: Survival as noted above but with the addition of: the loss of stupid certainty.

SYMBIOSIS: A relationship wherein two organisms depend on one another; beyond the biological context, there is a unique non physical symbiosis between all humans whereby they transfer sufficient verbal energy amongst themselves to keep alive in their thoughts man’s many belief systems: in the animal world, symbiosis is merely helpful; in man’s cultural one, it is imperative. (“Keep talking Horatio, or the boat will surely sink.”)

SYMPTOM: Everything is symptom; there is no base illness behind the symptoms that men perceive; the symptoms are it; the beginning and end; the many so-called human problems men say they seek to cure cannot be cured since all there is to them are symptoms; the problems are a symptom of Life’s (and thus, man’s) growth; ergo nothing can be cured as long as Life is healthy: if cures (as ordinary consciousness conceives of them) did occur  –  it would kill Life. The man-who-knows does not concern his self with symptoms, understanding that he (and mankind) is Life’s most preeminent one.

TALENT (Lack Of): Lack of talent manifests itself in a desire for dominance; in the external world, politicians are a prime example; in the internal world, that which dominates your thinking is the prime example. From the perspective of The Aim: by birth is everyone’s neural kingdom ruled by one with no talent  –  only the urge to dominate; post partum do the certain few seek to put a new power on their throne: original thinking  – this is the supreme Talent.

TALENT (Real As Opposed To Routine): Real talent is a personal activity that provides C Force based pleasure and requires no audience.

TALK: It’s all just sound waves; some are rock & roll; some baroque chamber, others country & western  –  but it’s still all just sound waves.

TALK: (1) That which helps ordinary people remain sane and ordinary. (2) The purpose of routine talk is to adjust one’s self to the inevitable. (3) A secret, though public, sex act is what men perform on one another when they normally talk: no one gets pregnant  –  but it is sticky and makes a mess. (4) The inner rebel discovers how to use talk as a private tool in his struggle to revamp the working of his consciousness — after all: words are its primary product, (or component, whichever view is most useful in any instant context).

TALKING ABOUT THE AIM: Dividing reality anew so that a few might glimpse the original unity.

TALKING PAPER (The Magic Of): Though paper is regarded as inanimate  –  it yet talks and alters the molecular structure of one’s nervous system: the fact is  –  paper is alive; there is nothing that man has made a part of his life that is not alive: if men are conscious of it  –   it is alive; it may only be so IN his consciousness  –   but still: it is alive.  Thus for those of ordinary consciousness: religion, nationalism, morality, reputation, defamation, intangible debt, revenge (and a host of other nasties) are all alive; to the certain man however: they are lifeless and thus meaningless; words have no magic in his affairs save the ones arranged in original fashion which happen (through his own private efforts) to have lightened something new in his understanding. All told: nothing is magical in the certain man’s life that did not originate in his consciousness.

THEY: (1) Primary source of undiagnosed conspiracies: “They made me do it”  –  “They say that…” (2) The unseen voice of man’s collective consciousness, (or: Life distracting men’s minds as it gives them their medicine).

THINKING-OF-ACTION: The Yellow Circuit’s version OF action. (Or: The Yellow Circuit’s substitution FOR action: this is determined by whether the thoughts involved were C-, D- or E-Force based.)

THIS-IS-MORE-TROUBLE-THAN-IT’S-WORTH: The internal puzzle-solver’s method for dealing with certain sticky choices: the willful abandonment of anything ordinary men label a problem on the basis that any attention given it will be more-trouble-than-it’s-worth. If, in any bothersome situation you perceive but two possible choices, courses, treatments, solutions –  then neither of them will ever be sufficient, but just beyond the visual horizon of ordinary consciousness lies a third something, always another leg to the seemingly unstable stool that when seen, renders all strictly human problems irrelevant (more-trouble-then-they’re-worth to say the least).

THREAT: (1) Living under threat produces heightened physical efficiency in living creatures, and the one in play is: the loss of life; in the special conditions of man’s cultural life there is also a continuing non physical threat which is: the loss of status, (there is also an unconventional threat needed by the individual pursuing The Aim; a threat that only he can provide or comprehend). (2) Even though Life overall benefits from living under threat, individual components therein can suffer from what men label, stress; the singularity of the certain man’s self generated threat is that it is all benefit. (When ordinary sailors crash on the shit shoals, everyone holds their nose & moans; the rebel salt sails only the inner seas that he has fashioned. Who but the man laying down the pavement for the new highway knows where it is really going. Aka: Submit to no surgery that you do not perform.)

TIME (Parallel Times): (1) Men live as though in a tri layered gaseous environment wherein the different strata both move omni directionally and overlap; thus there can appear to be one time while three are actually extant. (2) The bottom layer of time is related to the idea of man’s Red Circuit and to the past; the middle level is relevant to the Blue Circuit and contemporaneous time, and the upper Yellow Circuit can be seen as representing the future (compared with the other two; for it is here where men can picture scenes not physically possible; actually plotting the future of Life). (3) Each man has a genetic clock plugged primarily into one of these three layers  –  but time can change in a person (for example): a Yellow Circuit man who has been working to solve some technological problem takes a break, goes into a bar, has a few drinks, tries to pick up a girl not his sexual type, gets into a fight: his time shifted: he internally traveled from the future back to man’s past. (4) He who would get-to-the-bottom-of-things must discover how to ride above this natural trilateral temporal atmosphere in which collective humanity lives. If there is one thing that awakening from a dream does it is free the dreamer from his distorted sense of time.

TIME ZONES: (1) The three designations (past, present  future) that man’s mind has contrived reflect a normally overlooked fact that these three concepts have a corollary in the Three Forces (C, D & E: constructive, destructive & e-relevant) and also a connection to man’s Three Circuits (Red symbolizing body; Blue, emotions & Yellow, mind). (2) The past is where tearing down seems most salient (D Force) and the future the place dedicated to creative planning (C Force), and then with most men’s appreciation of the instant moment being worthy of such little notice as to be irrelevant (E Force); witness to the above borne by men expressing such common sentiments as being: “depressed about the past”  –   “excited about the future.” (3) More subtle but just as real is the nexus between the past, present & future, and the activities of man’s Three Circuits, each one’s strongest proponent being the body, emotions and mind respectively. (4) The man trying to get-to-the-bottom-of-things eventually becomes aware of the useless and quite distracting effect this sense of time natural to man, has on his consciousness and thus, efforts; this collectively human held sense of a divided, always passing time causes his consciousness (as manifested in the Yellow Circuit) to continually feel that it should be performing other than it is presently doing, or should be directing the other two circuits to be doing so; certain pressures clearly serve survival purposes, but the inner investigator discovers that in his special instance, most of the stresses normal to man are detrimental to The Aim of solving The Case. (5) The goal of the certain man is like a time zone that does not exist yet; as if it is somewhere east of the present and at right angles to the past. The special inner exploration ultimately takes a man up to the edge of normally perceived reality whereat he can look out beyond what automatic-consciousness says: “is-now; was-then; may be tomorrow” to a place where “is” is omnipresent and undivided. (6) To awake from the dream is to be no longer under the illusory gun of time zones; you either understand what is going on now  –   or you never will.

TRANSIENT SYSTEMIC ANOMALIES: What every human system suffers; known in the city as: problems (primarily: emotional botherations).

TRIADS: (1) Ordinary consciousness sees only two legs to every stool (situation) whereas three are always present; it sees its view and what opposes same, but does not see an ever present third leg, without which there would be no intangible structure sufficiently stable to be perceived by routine consciousness. No stool will stand on two legs; no matter their features, without the third leg, the first two are useless, and would have never even come together in the first place. (2) Triad describes your mentally perceived connection to everything; your family, friends, government, dog, and these triadial connections do not remain static, but are forever shifting in their relationship to one another: the same situation experienced by your automatic-consciousness’ thoughts. (This probably has no connection to the Three Circuits or the Three Forces, or the fact our brain perceives a three dimensional Universe.)

TRIAXIAL PERCEPTION UNIT: (TPU)–Demonstrated by one who perceives from an extraordinary perspective in 3 different ways, such that no ordinary looseness of possibility exists. The looseness of personality, which admits limited motion and shifting, gives the illusion of freedom to change and thus clouds Real Understanding. The “TPU” fills up all looseness between the “good and bad” interpretation (personality’s sloppy binary-only perception).

TRUE: Ideas that are debatable and amendable (as opposed to correct & useful).

TRUE/NOT-TRUE: If you can perceive it  –  it’s true, so what is the purpose of the True/Not-True?  —  if Life dropped the Not-True man would only have two dimensions, which would not be sufficient for existence as we now experience it. (You might ponder the fact that man’s lowest circuit [Red] makes no distinction between True/Not-True, and it gets along nicely; its version of True is that which is strictly life supporting, a position that a rebel’s Yellow and Blue Circuits could emulate to advantage.)

TRUTH: Man’s truth is perishable, and does not travel well, neither in time nor spatially; ideas from india are not a new yorker’s best nourishment.

TRUTH (At Ordinary Levels): (1) The noise people make. (2) A subject consciousness created and likes to talk about (without actually getting into the subject).
(3) What a person agrees with already. (4) What maintains the Yellow Circuit’s status quo.

TWIN BIG BANGS: One: when this Universe began, and two: when the Yellow Circuit appeared in man’s brain and allowed consciousness to commence. Ever since (in the former’s case) it has been creating new worlds, and in the latter’s, same deal.

TYRANTS: A really good city tyrant employs the devilish trick of making the people believe that he knows everything they say and think; a would be rebel would counter with the ploy of never denying any accusation. (Note: This has no application whatsoever to one’s consciousness. Note II: You do recognize humor when you pass same, no?!)

The ULTIMATE Know-Yourself METHOD: Take yourself out of the mental picture, then look at everyone else. The Equation (I + Not-I = Everything) explains everything  –  everything that people have no interest in having explained.

UNDERSTANDING (Compared To What The Ordinary Call Knowledge): (1) Understanding is: Original knowledge; it is: Ideas that are alive in the moment  – not in the past, and in you  –  not in someone else.  (2) Understanding helps you escape the city  —  while knowledge makes you feel more comfortable being there. (3) Understanding something changes the way you feel about it whereas knowledge concerning it, doesn’t. (4) There is no Understanding that is not original with you.

UNIVERSAL VIEW: As opposed to Local View, it runs at right angles to men’s routine, 3-D perception: your view is Universal when you can look without you being at the heart of the looking.

UNRECONSTRUCTED CONSCIOUSNESS: The facility whereby a man can look at his self and miss the point.

UNSTABLE STABILITY: (1) It is the nature of being alive; Life itself is continually off balance; the only completely stable physical condition would be death. (2) Growth does not proceed in an orderly, Straight-Line manner; Life expands by staggering; first leaning a bit this way  –  then tilting a little that way, via a constant interplay of the Three Forces. (3) The inner rebel understands that certain things can only be accomplished when he is off balance; when his own willful efforts have brought about a personal state of Unstable Stability. The jack who gets the giant’s gold does so amidst what the other characters in the story perceive to be chaos and uncertainty. (“The unhurried eye of a hurricane, old chap.”)

UPPER/LOWER CIRCUIT HUNGERS: Upper circuit hungers are an unsatisfiable, non edible version of lower circuit desires, and while the latter are essential for living, the former are only so for living in the city:  for functioning in man’s collectively imagined cultural & spiritual metropolis. Hungers in the lower circuits have a time of appearance and can also be observed to have been terminated at a specific moment, but those in the upper circuit have no beginning and certainly no cusp, or else the carousel would have an end and would thus bring same to man’s much significant intangible realm. Lower circuit hungers are a matter of necessity; upper circuit ones, matters of status and position. Stout will make falstaff stout, but only his wit will get him pints free.

USED FOOD: Yellow Circuit ideas obtained from another person, as opposed to fresh food produced by your own investigations.

VALUABLE IDEAS: That which is original with you.

VERBAL WRAP-UP: Words have the captious capacity to apparently wrap-things-up in such a fashion that matters seem to go from here-to-there; setting seemingly solid support for the Straight Line Illusion; creating the mental illusion that some intangible affair has come to a conclusion, but things do not come to an end, especially in man’s second reality, but continue to recycle and cannibalize ad infinitum. What this pleasing wrap-up marks is the limits to ordinary consciousness. (Among rebels, wrap-ups are an endangered feces.)

VOICES: (1) In each person is a public voice and a private voice, (also the unspeaking Primal Force voice common to everyone). (2) The public voice is the upper voice; the head voice; the audible voice; it is the sophisticated voice, and the one favored by those more inclined to think-of-acting than to act (3) The private voice is the lower voice; the chest/heart/stomach/pelvic voice; the muttering voice; the crass voice, and the one more given to action than reflection. (It is closer to the Red & Blue Circuits and the Primal Flow than the upper voice.) (4) Both voices operate simultaneously, internally, but at any instant, one will be more audible and dominant (though at times the two will be in agreement & speak as one). All conflicts unique to humans (along with their self condemnation)
are based on the existence of two Voices.

VOICES: (1) There are two voices other than those previously mentioned, which correspond to the two ways human lives are affected: there is the voice of events (what happens out-there) and your cellular voice (what goes on in-here). (2) The voice of events-out-there speaks to no one personally (i.e.): events in and of themselves are of no consequence  –  nothing matters except your cellular voice editorializing to consciousness concerning what is taking place in you in response to the events. Events-out-there can kill you (an earthquake) but they can’t upset you — not until your cellular voice announces your anger at the looting that followed it. Men can live with the voice of events (they have no choice), it is their personal cellular one that makes life irksome; in some circumstances this leads to a man inventing new technology to alleviate the irritating conditions (air conditioning for torrid climates), while in most men’s everyday intangible circumstances the cellular voice does nothing but annoy them, (though things in man are so arranged that he blames events-out-here [someone insulted his religion] and not the cellular voice in-here that delivers the genetically/temperamentally preordained reaction thereto. Thus do standard humans let earthquakes slide; give hurricanes a free pass, but are helplessly infuriated (as they are clearly supposed to be for the health of man’s cultural, civilized world) by another human’s remark.

WELFARE (Living On): Existing on externally acquired information.

WORDS: (1) The only force in the Universe with the potential to overwhelm reality, but since they are an integral part of man’s perceived reality, no harm done, not to collective humanity; for the uncommon individual with The Aim, the story is different. (2) The consciousness of a man-in-the-know knows to manhandle words, or they will do so to it.

WORDS: (1) There is no truth in words: there is coevally, all truth in words. (2) Words speak for themselves as well as for the person from whom they came. (3) There is no truth in words because sound is linear and reality is not; the consciousness from which words ostensibly emerge cannot comprehend an everything-occurring-at-once reality, and must make-do: the make-do is words: verbal abstractions of reality. (4) Words serve as cover ups for lack of understanding (keep talking about it and who will notice that you don’t know about it). (5) Chew toys for the mind. (6) Energy to go. (7) Yellow Circuit’s blood. (8) Door of ordinary prisoners’ mental cell; part of the exit strategy for those who escape.

The WORLD IS BIG ENOUGH FOR EVERYBODY: If it weren’t  –   they wouldn’t be here; thus does the inner outlier understand that there is no one to criticize; if they’re here  –   they’re doing their job (whatever it is).

ZIPPERNESS: (1) Feeling of objective pleasantness based on the impersonal awareness that what is good for Life is good for you (even if you can’t realize it). (2) Zipperness is happiness sans self interest; a feeling about Life not tied to your feelings about yourself. (3) Zipperness is having no-good-reason.