Diagram 001

Diagram 001

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“This drawing is a map of man’s nervous system.  The small circle at the bottom represents the base of the spine; the Vertical Line is the spine itself; the large circle at the top represents the brain; and the Horizontal Line is the highest limit of nervous system development, Line-Level consciousness.

“You will find the Horizontal Line of Consciousness represented in no other description of the human nervous system, since it is hidden from ordinary perception.  It physically exists, nonetheless, and marks the upper extreme of the activation of the nervous system.  It is the level of consciousness existing in humanity today, and it is the level of your individual consciousness; that which you call “I”.  You must continually, objectively remind yourself that this map is but a depiction (albeit a fair one) of a physical actuality present at this moment within your own nervous system.

“The area of brain above the Line is the heretofore unactivated part of man’s nervous system.  It is the unseen, untrodden realm of man’s future evolution, and the ignition of this higher area is, has been and always will be the raison-d’etre of This Thing. The area above the horizontal line is virgin neural territory; a part of the brain not yet activated. This is the home of new intelligence.  It could also be called the future, because its neural connections and operations will be activated in the coming generations.”  JC