Diagram 073

Diagram 073

Re Talk: 199

 Diagram # 073 illustration

Diagram # 073 illustration

   Quickly transfer your sensation from this example to something I mentioned several weeks ago, when I gave what was close to a real cosmic possibility as opposed to a great cosmic law.  Many of you found it unpalatable.  That was:  Either you do or you don’t.  Many of you found it to be transparently obvious, and therefore of no great importance.  Others of you found it stifling to the point that you felt as though “if that’s true, then there’s nothing further to be done.”  But, can you see, that those two viewpoints also fall within “either you do or you don’t”?  You can’t get away from it.

     The subtle suggestions I’ve given you at times is that your perception of this apparent dichotomy can undergo a transformation.  There is a physical reality to This Thing, in the igniting of the nervous system itself.  Specifically, the biochemical/electrochemical activity that surges through the body and culminates in what you call your consciousness can be altered.  This Thing has always been about directly affecting and altering, gradually and permanently, these systems.  When that can be done, then the axiom of “either you do or you don’t” takes on a completely different meaning.  It then becomes part of an equation that is balanced out by “Something else.”

     I refer you back to my old drawing of the nervous system.  At Line level everyone is faced with EYD v YD (either you do or you don’t).  If you can activate the area above the Line, then the fact that you either do or don’t becomes of no consequence.  It then becomes balanced out by “Something else.”

   (E Y D  v  Y D)  v  S E

The fact that you are either this or that is meaningless.  Whether you “do” or “don’t” in any given situation is the same thing.  The situation then becomes one of :  either you’re above “either you do or you don’t” or you’re not above it.  You are either a part of doing something else or you’re still in the binary arms of “either you do or you don’t.”

     If you use the maps and information, you will see that the information is in you.  It’s not a matter of taking any of these words as truth, because then we’re just playing with a very temporary biochemical change in you. If you’re waiting for some utterance from me or anyone that will transport you to a higher level — you’re wasting your time.  It’s not going to happen.  The information you need to do This, is in you.  You are the walking laboratory, the textbook of the DNA of humanity.

     You must begin to separate yourself from your voices.  Once you begin to hold onto the “something else,” you find that the voices are not actually speaking for you and are of no great consequence. Again, you waste your time if you sincerely entertain the already wired-up, chemically primed voices within you that decry lack of reason and justice in the world.  When you fall back into them, it’s as if you’ve fallen back into a dream — back to being yourself.  

     The nervous system is not constructed in a manner that allows one to easily see what is going on.  As you go through your ordinary business in your mundane state of consciousness, if someone suddenly asks you what you are thinking about…you don’t know.  Well, you might be able to remember the last few words, but if you are going to tell the truth, you really have no idea.  If you say that you do, you are a liar and you don’t belong here.  Your nervous system, your brain, is not wired up in such a way that it is able to suddenly turn on itself and watch what is going on in the same way that you are sitting here and looking at me and watching what is happening.

     There are different levels of awareness of this peculiarity of consciousness throughout the ages of Man.  Inside every religion, inside every would-be mystical school that survived, is some kind of message about this fact.  It comes out, we would say today, as “know thyself.”  Due to the evolution of the DNA in the genetic background the message varies slightly over the eons, but you can always find some sort of method or communication dealing with it. JC talk 199