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Diagram 061

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Diagram # 061 photo


      (Energy appears to enter each person from the Not-I direction; horizontally from “out there”, as opposed to vertically. For the ordinary, felt pressure has its apparent origin “out there” or “in here” –there seems to be a dual mode; pressure is felt to be negative. For the Few, pressure is felt to be a “positive pressurization” from another direction; a new source of pressure. Relation to Conscience: a kind of non-suffering pressure.)

       I’m going to give you some verbal and schematic descriptions regarding the directions that energy can travel.  Under all ordinary conditions what seems to make life worthwhile, what holds your interest — in everything from food and sex to money, fame, insults and sorrows — is fueled by energy from a horizontal direction.  Everything within Life is fed by energy from the horizontal level.  The Few, on the other hand, must become a channel for energies coming from a vertical direction.  This is not an all or nothing experience wherein you’ll suddenly be fueled from an entirely new direction.  But you must begin to be open to some percentage of vertical energy, be it 5%, 10%, or 30%, and no longer be fueled in toto from the horizontal level.

     As an aside you might note that throughout historical literature and tales, in all the oral histories you may have heard, whenever anyone claims to have heard the voices of the gods, what did he do?  He looked up!  You never hear of someone talking to a god located down around his feet or doing a double-take to a god tapping his shoulder from behind.  Such stories also speak of a sensation of new energy, that the experience bestowed a new energy upon them.  And there is an absolute reality to it.

     As long as you can be fed and satisfied by purely horizontal energy, then you can wait around a very, very long time for a non-ordinary, mystical experience.

     Neuralize these horizontal and vertical movements in relationship to the pressures men and women feel.  At Line level you feel pressure either from “out there” (the Not-I) or from “something inside”.  It’s a dual pressure and it assumes myriad verbal forms:  “My boss is always on my back” to “I want to become a better person.”  At Line level, pressure from “out there” and pressure from “inside” are the only two possibilities, and they account for all ordinary suffering.  These pressures account for everything from grief over the fact that you don’t look like a movie star, to your feeling of pressure when a client demands an immediate delivery of goods.  They encompass everything at Line level existence.

     The Few must discover a kind of positive pressurization, an equalization of the ordinary mechanical pressures which enables them to cease being hapless victims.  This positive pressurization occurs with the addition of a third-direction, vertical pressure.

     It seems to people that energy and pressure are two different things, but I’m pointing you towards an unknown connection through these mappings.  These descriptions are quite real, not psychological nor spiritual, but observable.  Observable only from a different dimension, with an new kind of intelligence. (And eventually I will have to fashion a new word for intelligence.  Not simply a Yellow Circuited activity, but the kind of intelligence which enables one to Hear and entertain that which he should not be able to Hear and entertain.)

     All the stories — spanning all cultures — of the wise prophets hearing the words of the gods and being sent forth to tell others — are a reflection of reality.  Because the knowledge, the experience was not produced from the horizontal direction of ordinary life.  To wait for certain information and energy, the kind you hope will ignite you in a never-before-experienced way, to come horizontally, is to wait forever.  You must open yourself to receive energy from somewhere else.  And I’m suggesting to you most strongly that this new source of energy produces a new source of pressure.  In light of this, Neuralize the old idea of conscience.  Although everybody talks about it, only the Few have any sensation of the reality behind the word conscience.

     Conscience is a pressure that can’t be taught.  If it could be taught, the churches would be full of true Christians, the mosques would overflow with true Muslims.  This is no attack, it is simply the way things are. The idea of conscience, the fact that people speak of conscience, without knowing its reality serves a purpose in Life’s body.  It is Life speaking through Man about something that very likely will become possible.  Pieces of it are already happening.  But the reality of conscience is not yet a part of Man’s wiring and you can’t suffer over its absence in humanity.  Indeed, it’s used as proof in religions:  “Now that you know the tenets of this religion and the list of things you should not do, at least you’re getting better because you suffer over the fact that you still do them.  At least you know what to suffer about and, you can see you have a conscience.”

     There is a physical basis, a new source of pressure from a vertical direction, that is the reality behind conscience.  And few ever taste it.  When you feel energy coming into you vertically, you will be open to See the pictures, Hear the voices, Do the do.  If you could just get some percentage of your total energy from a vertical direction and hold it, even just for a few hours, you will know the reality behind conscience. And you’ll see why no one else knows what it is.  Once you know the magnitude of the profit, after you see the common source to all of This, then you will Understand conscience.  And you will no longer be able to do certain things.  You can’t pay that high a price for going against conscience.  It has nothing to do with religion, morality, cultural background or any theory you’ve ever held dear.  It is a pressure that doesn’t come from the horizontal direction; it comes from somewhere else.  And once you’ve tasted it, you can no longer talk about it. JC talk 182