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Diagram 048

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Diagram # 048 photo


      I have pointed out the triaxiality of consciousness.  I called it O-A-I consciousness — observing, analyzing and sense of “I”.

     Consider this a bit further.  If you regard an individual person  as a noun rather than verb, or a thing rather than a process, the idea of O-A-I will sound  insane or foolish.  What seems to be yourself, or your individual consciousness, cannot be separated from what it does, but that remains foolishness, if you see Man as a noun.  The very act of being conscious splits everything, but that does not make sense, if Man is a thing.

     The “I” part of this triaxial system is not a thing but a process, a verb.  The “I” is the process of consciousness itself witnessing everything apparently “Not-I”.  This process of being a witness is absolutely unique to Man.  As an imperfect example, consider a dog.  A dog has no consciousness, no awareness resembling that of Man.  There is no separation of the dog from the “not-dog”.  And you would be mistaken to think, “Boy, aren’t worms and dogs missing a lot.  Dogs go around looking at everyone’s shins.  They can’t look up and enjoy the stars…”  A dog will go past a TV set and apparently not see it.  It only sees and reacts on a limited, mechanical basis of less than three circuits:  Therefore, a dog misses nothing.  The environment which he is not hardwired to respond to, accept and pass energy from, might as well not exist.  He will not physically continue to run into the television set; but he can lay there in front of it, and the movement and the sound of the television don’t exist for him.

     The “O” part of the O-A-I consciousness is the mechanical attraction in life:  It is what seems to be the “not-I” part mechanically attracting the “I” part.  But this gets trickier:  The “A” part is “I’s” attempt to analyze what it has observed.  “I” believes, “I am now observing something.”; and part of the process of the Yellow Circuit is to analyze it.  But here is what happens:  As “I” attempts to analyze what it observes, it turns into what it observes.

     A dog only observes that which is absolutely native and necessary to him, since he doesn’t have a Yellow Circuit.  But when “I” observes something, it is mechanically, magnetically attracted to it.  The very act of observing produces a preference.  So a human has a possibility of having all three aspects of O-A-I operating:  The possibility of triaxial consciousness operating.  I could label this triaxial consciousness something else; but for the time being, I am labeling it the O-A-I.

     If you are conscious, in the ordinary sense, you feel, “Here I am, and I am a witness.  I can reach out into the “not-I” and manipulate it.”  Man is the only creature on this planet that can do that.  Nobody else reaches out into the environment — nobody.

     So, apparently, “I” is a witness to itself being separate from the not-I, and is conscious that it can reach into the environment, doing things to its own detriment, wasteful, foolish or unnecessary for continued existence.  That is one of the three possible processes.

     There must also be a running static, for “I” to be alive.  The interactions, or the electrical and chemical flows within the circuits, continue.  They continue whether you are thinking about something specifically, or you are daydreaming.  The static even continues in sleep:  It is going on all of the time.

     This running static is the “O” in my O-A-I map.  I have termed it “Observation”, which, using ordinary terminology, is whatever you are thinking about, whether actually looking at something, or driving your car and daydreaming about something in the past or future, or laying in bed at night staring at a blank ceiling, before you go to sleep.  You are always observing something, or “thinking about something”, as ordinary people would say.

     I have described two aspects of O-A-I which occur simultaneously and continuously:  Observation and “I”.  According to the way I am mapping it for you, the third aspect would be going on as well.  You are observing something, but there has to be a magnetic attraction in order for you to personally observe it.  There is a magnetic attraction based upon where you have been situated in life.  Remember that all men are connected through energy forces, in a way which resembles a grid.  Your attraction to something is based upon your position on this grid; and that is the basis of the varied interests of different people.  That is why you can walk into a party of strangers and be drawn to one or two faces out of a hundred.

     So, the three processes occur simultaneously:  First, the process of “I”, the sensation, “I am a witness, separate from all that surrounds me.”; second, the observation of something; and third, the process of analysis. Ordinary consciousness sees these processes as something separate from itself.  It seems as though “I” is drawn to something, drawn to observe that something and then, to analyze it; however, “I” BECOMES the analysis.

Consider the drawing of the three interlocking circles.   Then imagine another little circle below the three.  This circle below sees only two of the original circles.  It still has the possibility of using three circles, or, in reality, actually using the three aspects.  But this circle cannot see that possibility.  But I can also draw a circle above the three.  The development of this area above the three circles is what I have described as the beginning of a new circuit in Man.

     This circuit of Man is beginning to grow contemporaneously.  This growth is why I am here, and why you can hear any of what I say.  Humanity is experiencing growing pains, and you can see examples of this growth in subatomic physics and in ecology.  It is evident in the general feeling that this is “spaceship planet Earth”, that we’re all locked in it together, and we’re going to survive together, or die together.

     Consider the old axiom “You are your brother’s keeper”.   That is no longer simply some religious idea:  It is a scientific fact.  Such ideas are beginning to directly permeate the consciousness of the Western world, and indirectly permeate the consciousness of all humanity.

     Here I have drawn the three circles labeled “O”, “A” and “I”, and above them four circles together.  The area of the fourth represents the new circuit in Man.  To develop this circuit requires a continuing awareness of how the three operate, because the three are still operating in you.  You must see where “I” is, and what it is ordinarily doing in you.  And simultaneously you will See, without any religious or psychological training that the “I” is operating in everyone.  Once you see it, all complaints about humanity stop.  You are then in a 20th century version of a religious or mystical “higher state”; a state which your forefathers dreamed of, where great prophets and so-called “holy men” could look at their accusers and smile, tolerating and understanding insults.  You then exhibit behavior which was previously proof of a godly connection:  You understand, on your own, the manner of Life’s operation.