Acronyms Used by Jan

[The following brief descriptions have been extracted from Jan’s commentary. For fuller explication, please go to the meeting indicated. There are several acronyms for which we have not been able to locate the origins. If you find such dates or meeting numbers in your visit to this website, please let us know. This place will continue to be a work-in-progress.]

A.B.T. (Anything But That) The art of directing your thoughts away from unprofitable capture. You habitually must think-so-and-so, and so are trapped in a place avoided by a more-alert-you. [need date]

A.C.B.I. (Apparently Correct But Impossible) Be aware that any statement of fact must contain its own opposite. Consider the ACBI, “Fire prevention is everyone’s business.” But what about pyromaniacs? 1-23-86 #0193

A.G.U. (All Grown Up) Another person began to sometimes sit momentarily and wonder:  “Besides all of these ‘Kyroots,’ and talk of a ‘revolution’ — just what is it that I want?”  From one vantage point (not listed on any map) a certain hazard is that ordinary thinking will ultimately provide an answer to this, and that you might finally accept it.  A man muses:  “Humm — that sounds somehow familiar to me.”  As well it might, sir:  Just ponder on the initials “A.G.U.” 7-31-92 #1005

A.I.B.C. (Apparently Impossible But Correct) –The reverse of ACBI. Consider the AIBC, “There’s no such thing as an absolute fact.” Remember that the opposite of any fact must first exist for the contrary statement to arise in human consciousness. 1-23-96 #0193

A.T.O.T.F.A.I.H.T.S.O.S.D. (At Times On The Floor Above I Hear The Sounds of Strangers Dancing) Referring to disregarding the voices of the Partnership or Dialogue.  5-27-88 #0346

A.T.M.M.W.  Method:  In place of saying “I thought…” say, (“And Then My Mind Went…”)  5-24-89 #0497

A.W. and F.W. (Actual World and Factual World) In the FW nothing can be explained, therefore everything must be explained…That’s why there are “facts.”  The AW can’t be explained, therefore isn’t explained and needs no explanation. 3-9-91 #0785

B.D.  (Bad Dreams) The Few must feel and exercise total control over unknown phenomena, or at least banish them to either:  The O.N.K.I File:  Of No Known Importance or, The L.F.Y. File:  Later for You or, The B.D. File:  Bad Dreams.  (There are other categories for those of a more religious background, but I’m on a profanity diet.) 05-12-83 from Kyroots pdf and 05-03-83 in txt (no meeting with Jan that night)

B.L.S.I. (Blue Line Sphere of Influence) the necessary bridge for the Yellow Circuit arising from the Red Circuit—The BLSI incorporates all the Blue Circuit and partially the Red and Yellow Circuits. Note the difference between pure RC action (manslaughter) versus YC-tinged action (premeditated murder). A swamp to be avoided by a Revolutionist. 3-8-88 #0322

B.M.S. Method (Be More Specific) This is not a supplication— “please, be more specific”—but a command to Life to be more specific with you. A refusal to accept the simple as simple. A boon toward developing a continual awareness of the “other voice” Life speaks to you with. Questioning is Rebelling. 5/1/89 #0486

B.T.A.I.M. (Be That As It May) Never admit that Life has any power over you and what you understand, because it doesn’t (in spite of the fact that Life has absolute power in the grid). Must use the BTAIM theory until you understand this. 4-12-84 #0104

C.F. (Common Force) is the expected; the W.D.Y.W.F. (What do you want? Force) is the uninvited; the H.G.O.O.H.F (Hey, get out of here! Force) is the irrelevant and frightening. [A new definition of the Three forces.] 6-26-91 #0834

C.S.R.  (Collective Subjective Reality) vs. the L.S.R. (Local Subjective Reality) which is intimately familiar to every human. The CSR is absolutely engaging, entangling to men, whereas it has no objective consequences or meaning or use to an individual man’s daily survival. The CSR is the source-pool of civilized emotion: empathy, compassion, charity, spiritual appreciation, morality, etc. There is an absolute omnipresence, power and influence to the CSR, rendering all men dream-tossed sleepers. An example scenario: a man having lost his home to a tornado saying, “I’ve lost everything, but these are mere possessions that can be replaced; that my family has been spared is all that really matters.” You can literally hear the shift into CSR. 12-1-03 #3076

C.T.W.Y.D.H.T. (Continued Thinking When You Don’t Have To) Men are designed so as to not-submit. Each new generation must not submit to the former. Any quest or drive that is known and “named” is too limited to be of value. For the Real Revolutionist, this type of rebellion is not enough. To the Real Revolutionist, CTWYDHT is both a producer of New Intelligence and simultaneously, the product of New Intelligence. It is a rebellion within a rebellion.  12-29-89 #0589

D.C.D.C. (Distant, Caring, Disjunctured Card). Distant: I’m different than you. Caring: self-explanatory. Disjunctured: stated admission (thru J.) that my understanding is not up to speed regarding what is going on with you. The card tacitly says: “Everything in me seems to say that you are acting unprofitably and with only ordinary awareness. I have my own similar fits and can only offer this card. I will try to give you my unconditional support and encouragement.” For the Group: Use this card rarely (if ever) with UTMOST CAUTION. 2-28-85  #0145

E.C. (External Conditions) = L.C. (Local Conditions) and are overwhelming, but not absolutely so, since you overwhelm something else in turn. The mind is really two minds; one disapproves of the other—this is the basis of guilt. This is how the mind stays in balance, keeps from being overwhelmed by Life. Man + Environment (local condition conduits) = fish + water; they are inseparable, mutually supportive.
4-25-94 #1274

E.L.M. (Exacto-Lips Method) Make your lips correct the up-coming attempted mis-speak of your tongue, and then make your tongue correct the mis-speak of your brain. Simultaneously, you must use the “Exacto-Lips Method.”  That is, no matter what you are thinking or feeling, don’t let your lips say anything you don’t want them to say.  Give no notice whatsoever to what you are thinking.  Make your lips say only that which you will never have to feel bad about.  Inside, I don’t care if you feel like you’re going to die.  Don’t say ANYTHING which you will have to go back and explain, clarify or regret.  I don’t care how it cuts down on your conversation for 14 days.  You can control your lips, no matter what your brain is thinking.  You cannot presently control your brain activity, and you cannot necessarily control your tongue, but you can control your lips. 2/29/1988 #0320

E.S.R. (Exaggerated Sense of Range) The nervous system believes it can do more than it can. 12/19/88 #0433

E.Y.D. or Y.D. (Either You Do or You Don’t) Refer back to the basic drawing of the nervous system.  At Line level everyone is faced with EYD or YD. If you can activate the area above the Line, then the fact that you either do or don’t becomes of no consequence.  It then becomes balanced out by “Something else.” The fact that you are either this or that is meaningless.  Whether you “do” or “don’t” in any given situation is the same thing.  The situation then becomes one of:  either you’re above “either you do or you don’t,” or you’re not above it.  You are either a part of doing something else, or you’re still in the binary arms of “either you do or you don’t.” 3-15-86 #0199

F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Context and date undetermined.

F.F.F. (the Fearless, Foolish Few) I have two questions for the F.F.F., “Is consciousness worth the bother?” and “Do dead people attract bullets?” from K122382

F.F.M. (Faux Fallaciousness Method) Using this method, you produce an incorrect answer intentionally—yielding an unexpected silly freedom and some breathing room.  1/4/89 #0440

F.R.I.P. (Fictitious, Reasonably Insane Person) or F.R.I.M. (Fictitious, Reasonably Insane Man).  Such a person would be the archetype of an individual who would be involved in ordinary Life while not limited to ordinariness and mechanical-ness in his wiring potential.  A FRIP is the archetype of a person with the potential to be involved in This Thing.  The words “reasonably insane” should be particularly scrutinized.  On the Grid—the playing field of Life—insanity denotes an inability to function at the minimum required level. 
But reasonable insanity is the unusual condition wherein one functions without unnecessary problems or suffering, and still is not depleted by his association with Life:  he still has energy with which to be reasonably insane. The fictitious, reasonably insane man questions what is normally blindly accepted by those on the playing field.  He is driven by the verbal-and-non-verbal conviction that things are not as people believe them to be.  And the proper, operational, manifestation of the FRIM in This Thing is the intelligent/insane/reasonable questioning of all specific and general aspects of Life.
Also, regarding the FRIP:  Rather than one wholly out of step with the rhythm of the city, the FRIP is a kind of cognoscenti.  He is one who uses his upper circuitry as virtuosically as an athlete uses his physical capacities.  In short, he uses the Yellow circuitry as it should be used.  He doesn’t do dumb or unprofitable stuff; he does nothing he doesn’t fully intend to do.  8/22/88 #0382. Also mentioned in #0391, 94 and 95.

F.S. (First Story) Life has a First Story for everything. It is the seeming obvious, satisfying, meaningful explanation of anything that effectively blocks further investigation of same. Real explanation: Red Circuit hunger is not for upper circuit hungers. Examples of First Stories: environmental influence; talk can make a difference; “live & learn” (piecemeal self-knowledge); money counts; Man invents God; prayer is efficacious.  First Stories are of no personal benefit. There is no supreme First Story, i.e., genetic reality as FS, since man has no consciousness of his original genetic cause. The closest approach to the supreme FS for him is “gods.” There is no last story either (reincarnation). 2-29-88 #0320, also #0337

G.O.T. (General Out-There) and P.I.H. (Personal in Here) Human intellect is the overlap between the history of the GOT and the history of the PIH. Human intellect creates the “out there.”  The only place that things can “make sense” is intellectually. Your intellectual reality is not “out there” nor “in here,” but in the overlap. 5-17-89 #0494

Gs, Ls, & MPs (Gaps, Lags and Missing Pieces). -There always will be a gap, a lag between what a man thinks and what he does; between what he thinks and what he feels; and between what he thinks and what he thinks he should think, feel and do. The story of Gs, Ls and MPs: there would be no 3D world without a gap or lag; without any missing pieces in knowledge there could be no search for knowledge, for there would be no consciousness of knowledge. Anything that can be known is not worth knowing.  10-29-88 #0411

G.S.S.I.C.O.S.T. (Great Secret Spirit In Charge Of Such Things) Once, after many years of tiring effort and fortuitous fate, a man found himself “Enlightened” and in the presence of the G.S.S.I.C.O.S.T. (The Great Secret Spirit In Charge Of Such Things).  The man just stood there for hours and days, smiling and grinning, and marveling at the whole affair.  Finally, his voice arrived, he laughed aloud, then said, “Woo-o-o-o, wow-w-w-w, ah-h-h-h; Great Spirit I can’t wait to go back and tell all my friends about it, and help them gain this understanding.”  And the Spirit said, “Good luck.” [need date]

G.S.R. (Grunting, Slopping and Rutting) Simple existence is binary; an igniting third factor is required for existence to be “fully operational.” On the “Civilization Machine” assembly line: acts first, then facts equal simple reality; the third activating factor: criticism (both amateur—whining—and professional—expert critics). First comes the GSR acts (grunting, slopping and rutting) then the S.A.L. facts (speech, art and literature). Criticism is factualizing about facts, not just acts (simple facts). Criticism equals second order facts. 5/13/91 #0815

H.D.T. (High Definition Thinking or High Definition Thinker) A HDT is living where everything overlaps, as in New Intelligence. A High-Definition Thinker could never be satisfied to base existence on a constantly unknown premise. Only unknown arguments and conclusions can arise out of such premises. To talk about one’s self requires a premise, but it is unknown. Talk pays off with passion/sensation/sentiment, either positive or negative. 7-14-89 #0519

H.G.O.O.H.F (Hey, get out of here! Force) is the irrelevant and frightening. [From a new definition of the Three forces.] 6-26-91 #0834

H.L.T.H. (Hey, Look Through Here) What is there to study about This?  To study: a.k.a., dumbness. Ideas are not things to be studied. They are holes in things for people to look through. Major ideas were not intentional, but from serendipity. What do you think you want to discover Here? New ideas? Whatever you set out to discover–you won’t. Remember, what J. says is not about stuff. Always—he wants you to “Look Through Here…” In your looking, if you find a flaw, look through it—don’t entertain ways to patch it up. 8/26/88 #0384

I and It (The Double-I Alliance) Example of two men tasting a casserole: one says, “This casserole has no taste,” and the other says, “I must be getting a cold, I’ve lost my sense of taste.”  To ordinary consciousness, both can’t be true. Consciousness takes “casserole” as an objective thing possessing qualities in first case, or in the second statement, as subjective-quality truth. Division into objective and subjective either overtly or implicitly is incorporated into the ordinary operations in Life, but neither exists independently.
There is no way to be “I,” without the existence of “it.”  The Double-I Alliance. The thing-in-itself— (if it existed) would be un-experienceable due to its incommensurability.  Apparent objects give a sensation of motion to “I”; this makes energy exchange possible by separating and defining “I.”  If there is no “out there,” there can also be no “in here” either. This is the basis of all conflict: subject/object division. 10-11-84 #0128

I.I.F.  (Intelligence Immunity Factor) This factor is seen at work in men which determines how much anomalous, erroneous, nonconforming, disquieting information a nervous system can tolerate and still function. The more complex the nervous system, the higher the IIF. 4-17-89 #0483

I.I.W.U.I.   (If It Works, Use It) A Real Revolutionist motto (because if a RR uses it, it will work). The Real Revolutionist can concoct any theory to operate with more effectively than any extant one whatever. Nobody knows anything but what another has told them–but nothing is important except what each tells themselves (although it is always attributed to another). Thus, nobody in the City really observes anything—only the Real Revolutionist knows this, and knows it was true of him as well, until he found the Bushes. Real Revolutionist motto: If it works—use it!!—the tricky part is:  what is thus used will work! 11-19-87  #0296

I.T. (Inclusive Truth) The New Creation Myth would speak of the “truth” and the “Inclusive Truth.” The IT brings in all known factors of an energy exchange. It includes the Not-I portion of the I + Not-I = Everything equation. Thus, the Real Revolutionist incorporates apparently antagonistic viewpoints in with his own. To do this brings about a pleasurable chemical reaction for both participants in the exchange, or at least will cost the Real Revolutionist nothing.
The I.T. energy statement is much closer to the universal than to local reality. It is closer to Man the species than man the individual. It is a hands-on example of hearing “multiple knocks” at the door. For the Real Revolutionist, all feelings requiring talk must be dealt with on the basis of the I.T.; that is the only profitable way to talk about feelings. To bring in the other’s “truth” is not to lie or evade responsibility, it is simply inclusive. A “lie” is merely a particular form of the energy exchange channel. The I.T. allows the only basis for “forgiving enemies”; it allows the possibility of profitable use of those who have “mistreated” you. 2-16-90 #0610 also #0611

I.T.B. [need info]

L.F.U.T.I.A. (Let’s Face Up To It Again) 2007  [need info]

L.F.Y.  (Later For You) The Few must feel and exercise total control over unknown phenomena, or at least banish them to either:  The O.N.K.I File:  Of No Know Importance or, The L.F.Y. File:  Later for You or, The B.D. File:  Bad Dreams.  (There are other categories for those of a more religious background, but I’m on a profanity diet.)  05-12-83 from Kyroots pdf and 05-03-83 in txt (no meeting with Jan that night)

L.R. (Literal Reality) [need date]

M.M.A. (Myth, Metaphor, Allegory) [need date]

M.O.V. (Minimal Operating Verbiage) The Few have to be able to feel/act as an enlightened being without even believing in it; without the mechanical underpinning/context of “being” so.  MOV is related to the increasing urge in The Few to less and less talk. There is almost nothing to talk about anymore for the Few. Compare: J has nothing to say, thus has value.  8-13-87 #0273

M.T.C. (Molecular Transport Company) Transportation = Communication. In primitive times, physical transport was required for communication, but in a sense, this is equally true today at the molecular level. Today the M.T.C. is necessary. Transport from “external” molecular activity to “internal” activity. This is true also for transfer of the energy of This Thing, except more AMV12 is required in the receiver. The expansion of AMV12 is paramount consideration. 6-20-85 #0162

N.S. (Nervous System) The human nervous system.

O.A.I. (Observation, Analysis and I) Consciousness is a process with three parts which are the minimal aspects a person needs to be aware of anything: The first part, Observing, amounts to a mechanical magnetic attraction to an unavoidably small part of the whole seamless reality. The second part, Analyzation, is the comparison of two systems or forces. This division is necessary to perceive anything at all, such as right or wrong, or reasonable or unreasonable. The “I” part is the method of division to facilitate observation and analyzation. There is a kind of mathematics to O.A.I. The attempt to Neuralize is taking not-I (and instead of dividing it by I) you multiply it by the factor of I x 3 (attempted). O.A.I. also divides apparent sequences in time for the sake of memory and manipulation. 8/2/84 #0119

O.N.K.I.  (Of No Known Importance) The Few must feel and exercise total control over unknown phenomena, or at least banish them to either:  The O.N.K.I File:  Of No Known Importance or, The L.F.Y. File:  Later for You or, The B.D. File:  Bad Dreams.  (There are other categories for those of a more religious background, but I’m on a profanity diet.)  05-12-83 from Kyroots pdf and 05-03-83 in txt (no meeting with Jan that night)

S.D.R. (Separation, Division, Remembering) Everything that someone remembers is an event only because of the process of separate, divide and remember:  S.D.R.  An event is in isolation from the grid– and happens without anyone planning it, and is created out of everything else. Division into events occurs simultaneously with remembering. Ordinary consciousness cannot conceive that events themselves do not exist, or have sequence as memory tells you they do. Separation does not cause memory any more than memory causes separation.  
The only way that what appears to be an event can be separated is that there must be a sense of time, and the only way a sense of time exists is through SD.R. Without the S.D.R., there would be no sense that “I am something that has lived through a series of events.” You can drive right by a wreck and unless you notice it, you won’t remember it through the process of S.D.R. The O.A.I. must go through S.D.R. to separate an event from the larger seamless connectedness. The truth is, there is no distinction between events and non-events. Time itself is not the 4th-dimension, it’s part of S.D.R.    8-2-84 #0119

O.D. (Operational Directive) O.D. Rule #1: Once you realize something is correct, it becomes of no consequence. To ask, “is such and such true?” is meaningless. To taste that such and such is correct requires you to use it—which then renders it moot. “Truth” is a kind of disposable Yellow Circuit diaper.  O.D. Rule #2: You can assume—correctly perceive—that anyone who can make you angry is only a fraud, a test of your understanding placed before you, and who secretly laughs at your failure. 7-30-87 #0271

O.D.G. (Out-front Denial Gambit) New, slightly different perspective of the First Story process: The O.D.G. For example, “There’s more to banking than money” (from a financial officer); “Service is our most important product.” (from used car dealer); “Drink responsibly” (from distillers). All are outright denials of the specific, actual purpose or function of the organization. The ultimate O.D.G.: “What you see, is not all there is to me.” This is The Dialogue’s litany to itself (Life speaking to your NS). To look behind the muttering of The Dialogue is to see it as a variation of O.D.G. The N.S. is a kind of “Potemkin Village” to itself; half of it fools the other half. 4-17-89 #0483

P.A.B. (Physical Area of the Brain) The power of words is their imposition of separation from the non-verbal world. Hierarchy:  P.A.B. gives rise to M.M.A. (Myth, Metaphor, Allegory) which in turn gives rise to L.R. (Literal Reality). 7-22-94 #1312

P.L.D.  (Plain Life Dominance). P.L.D. is equivalent to “charisma” and exists at the cellular level; think verbal abilities of dictators, evangelists.  P.L.D. is a genetic, physical factor, with very little to do with the Yellow Circuit. AMV12 is a blood-produced substance exhausted at line-level in the ordinary. It is the genetic factor of a kind of “spiritual” P.L.D. Above-the-line growth is brought about by AMV12. The Real Revolutionist must force enriched blood to line-level; stop depleting it by being “you.”  AMV12 has no relation to P.L.D. because dominance has/ plays no part in its effect. 3/10/88 #0323

P.M.A. (PreMeditated Approach) In relation to prayer: The PreMeditated Approach has two stages (plus a “1.5” stage)—premeditating or planning what you’re going to do or desire (as in prayer) and a second stage, performing/acting on same. The first stage for the ordinary precludes the second stage, in that it generates its own resistance—its own short circuit—and thus goes no further. Consider the biochemical basis of prayer. Why do people want to pray? For the Few the second stage is possible, but you must “fake it ’til you make it.” The conditions of no meat, drugs and alcohol are part of the second stage and have been arbitrarily forced by J. on the Group to save time and wasted energy; you ultimately would have come to them independently, necessarily, if you progress in This Thing.
In the Premeditated Approach for The Few, you first premeditate/plan an action beyond the range of possible failure (which the ordinary are incapable of doing) by not talking to yourself about it.
Next comes stage “1.5”: “I’m unable, presently, to carry out the plan—but it remains on the agenda,” end of discussion (huge comma).
The second stage: premeditation = action–i.e., no premeditation necessary or acting is premeditating. By prayer, the ordinary attempt to engage in the first stage of the P.M.A.—but its efficacy is lost in the natural biochemical resistance-structure: “Dear God please don’t let such-and-such happen to me” conjoined with the fear that it is going to happen anyway—the non-understanding/non-acceptance of inevitable processes of Life’s Growth. 4/3/86 #0202

P.O.B.  (Power of Brevity) Consider the example of the evolution of religious truth in words: “honor the true god” (four words); “love thy neighbor” (three words); “Jesus saves” (two words); would a one-word truth be the ultimate? How about a no-word explanation? No-words are the ultimate information. Life’s ultimate power demonstration is its revolutionary silence. What man hears from Life is always through intermediaries…lesser gods. 5-14-90 #0647

S.S.S.S. (Sustenance, Shelter, Sex, Speech) The Primary S’s. The Neural Revolutionist must keep uncertainty alive for himself in his own intellect; the uncertainty Life provides is of no personal benefit for a Neural Revolutionist. The Fourth Primary “S” (after Sustenance, Shelter and Sex): Speech. Primary needs are both necessary and recreational. This Primary Level World recreational aspect allows/provides for the Secondary Level World. All Secondary Level World activities do not share this trait; Secondary Level World acts are not necessary, but are recreational facets of Primary Level World ones.
As the new Fourth Primary, Speech shares in this dual trait of necessity and recreation. Speech is now absolutely required for man’s existence; this has been so now for a long while, but humanity has yet to notice it. Once understanding Speech as Primary, all criticism of man’s verbosity, his seeming inane yammering, becomes moot. 8-19-91 #0857

P.T. (Plain Think) The “It’s actually pretty simple” mythical church would have as a main method “Plain Think” as opposed to “thing-creating-thought.” The first step of Plain Think is to speak the “thing” but think the process. This places emphasis on the action rather than the actor. E.g., “A sudden exit seems appropriate” in place of “I’ve got to get out of here.” Turn the action itself into the subject, rather than the actor, which is always a self-referring system. A knowledgeable disregard for conventional thinking = Plain Think.  P.T. ignores causal connections between events, of episodic conclusions/explanations.  P.T. is not fatalism. Only when you know what you think does it count (i.e., equals, P.T.). Connection: toil for the purchase of P.T. essentials vs. shopping for Secondary Level World fashionable ideas. A different currency is required for P.T. merchandise. 10-8-90 #0710

P.T.S. (Process to Thing Specific) The intellect maximizes the obvious and minimizes the subtle, the conflicting, the gradual and relative: the open-ended. When a man does other than this, it attracts attention. Old intelligence: The “P.T.S.” (process to thing-specific), emphasizes the obvious. Only the submissive feel repentant. The dominant never feel so. Evil that became repentant would collapse the dominant/submissive dynamic. To move to a new area of the brain equals the ability to establish a new, willful dominance over your talking nervous system. Life is not arranged to oppose it. Life learns through Man. 7-13-90 #0673

R.I.C. (Real, Imaginary Concepts) R.I.C. are the kind of fuel to use in New Thinking. They are open-ended conclusions, flexible certainties, silly-seriousness. Note: none of these can exist in the atmosphere of a planet of passing-judgment-knowledge. 11-16-90 #0727

S.A.L. (Speech, Art and Literature) The last part of the Civilization Machine (see G.S.R.). 5-13-91 #0815

S.C.P.  (Supremely Confident Premise) Life uses language through man, passionately. Electricity is neutral but its action causes passion (shock vs. music from a stereo system). The word “god” is the attempt to have at least one thought/word that is without premise, without passion. The great S.C.P.— “things could be different”—is like the starter in the engine of humanity.   7-7-89 #0516

S.F.C.S. (Self-Fueling Circulatory System) The closed, self-fueling nature of everything. An example would be weather systems:  origin/generation and development. Predictable and utterly doomed to repetition. A self-fueling circulatory system, S.F.C.S. is always doomed to predictability, repetition and habit. Man is a S.F.C.S.  Neuralize the necessity of new food; exotic nourishment. 12-6-84 #0136

S.H.T. (Special Head Theorems) “Not guilty by reason of insanity”; an excuse, an explanation for behavior, but there is no such thing. A Revolutionist must see this.  Special Head Theorems pose no hazard, no stress whatever to The Partnership—in fact, they reinforce it.  They are useless for The Few. 12-19-85 #0188

S.L.A. (Spherical Loops of Assistance) The 3 Flows as Spherical Loops in all possible combinations; not a linear progression or sequence. As an example, consider that even Yellow Circuit-centered people are not exclusively so.  The same for Blue Circuit and Red Circuit-centered. Continued use of “Big Party” analogy.
Spherical Loops as grouped into categories:
     1st S.L. Group: orientation to feeling of assurance of religious belief, e.g., the blind pleasure of faith.  
     2nd S.L. Group: orientation to more specific knowledge.
     3rd S.L. Group: directly seeing reality, no theory.
Spherical Loops as areas of assistance to Life’s growth and expansion:
     1st Area: religion-spiritual/psychology (feeling).
     2nd Area: mathematics; need to know specific knowledge; first awareness of the underlying     paradigm/map which explains everything.
     3rd Area: physics. Sight = no more questions of maps and theories.  There’s nothing to say. “There it is and there it is.”
To do This Thing you must align yourself with the 3rd S.L.A. and oppose all D-Force modes (solitary, unprofitable action). 12-27-84 #0139

S.O.P.N. (Stolid Old Pettifogging Noun-you) The Few should strive at least to be an adjective, if not a verb, rather than a noun—a stolid old petty fogging noun. Everybody sees their life as it is, but cannot explain or describe it to themselves or anyone else. The old adage of, “Know Thyself,” is really an everyday, common reality. Nobody has any misconceptions about their life—just conceptions they don’t agree with.  7/16/87 #0269

S.M.M. and S.M.A.  (Some, Much, Most and Some, Much, All) Ideas are considered as S.M.M. or S.M.A. in their inconclusiveness. Relation to law: a system’s visible success (existence) is based upon its systematic lack of completion (not just “failure”) related to its stated purpose. A corollary: all visible failure may be more complex success; Life doesn’t fail. New Intelligence sees this arrangement as proof-positive of Life’s glowing health. Related to: All secondary problems arise out of somebody-some where’s attempt to “help.”  7-21-89 #0522

S.S.S. (Some Success Syndrome) To a Real Revolutionist, there is no such thing as “some success.” Counting your chickens, charts, measurements, etc.  Previously mentioned Gaps, Lags and Missing Pieces = Some Success.  A R.R. has an intolerance to or no use for validation by others, talk about self, or S.S.S. where failure is built-in to the process of validation. Note: This Thing cannot be validated. 11/11/88   #0417

T.A.T.A. (Things Are as They Are) Question: Are men wired up first apparently to see T.A.T.A. and then to develop a critical template to describe how things should be?  Or is the template in place first and then they see T.A.T.A. and realize the mismatch?  If the latter is the case, then is T.A.T.A. = E?  All humans end their childhood with a verdict of T.A.T.A.—that “Things as They Are” just do not match my critical template of things-the-way-they-should-be. You should begin to suspect that if things are a certain way, there may be a good reason for it. Consider again, Life is not falling apart.   7/4/85 #0164

T.A.N.H.C.   (The Apparent Negative Human Condition) Time = memory = T.A.N.H.C.  Without memory (time) there are no uniquely human problems. No memory = No feeling of ambivalence. The Real Revolutionist chops off memory at the event in order to eliminate ambivalence. Not to think about a problem = No problem. Those who regret the past should not even (pop-up message) bother with today. 4-28-88 #0337

T.B.C. (To Be Continued) The purpose of the old three Primary S-s (sustenance, shelter, sex) is to satisfy; the purpose of the New or Fourth S (Speech) is to be continued…tomorrow, to promise satisfaction…tomorrow. Speech is not intended to be conclusive, to get anywhere. Inconclusiveness and dissatisfaction ensure continuance, the challenge of further attempts at achieving satisfaction. The Old S-s are concerned with immediacy; speech is not so concerned. Imagination reaches such development that compared to the Old S-s it seems even superior, more useful and preferable to them. E.g., the sex act never living up to the imagined. 9-13-91 #0868

T.C.A. (The Continual Act, also Total Complete Act) Real Acting requires that you know that “it is just an Act”—you cannot become consumed by your Act. The Continual Act is not for any reason. It can’t be attacked, no one can be offended, etc., because this is just an act: “not me.” If you are aware of T.C.A. it can’t be too subtle—just enough act that you are aware of it. T.C.A. is a connection to the tricks and tasks given. This is “the answer”—you must put on an act at all times: alone, in a crowd, etc.  Your act should involve all 3 infra-systems.  J. gives a whole series of examples (waiting around for your car to be serviced, standing in line at a bank or store, etc.—stand differently, be conscious of breath…anything, as long as you know you wouldn’t ordinarily do such, that it’s just an act—and just for yourself). Turn all attention from internal voices to external voices of other people as a technique for T.C.A. 5/9/85 #0157 also #0160

T.C.C.T.S. (The Complex Consumes the Simple) There are all kinds of phenomena having to do with human life, with the human nervous system, that this piece of information can chew up like a lawn mower.
The Complex Consumes the Simple. This is true in every way imaginable: physically, emotionally, and especially intellectually. And it’s true in other ways, apparently outside the individual realm: culturally, technologically and academically. So, in order to hit both ends of a very wide spectrum, I’ll give some examples: The first one deals with the physical end of the spectrum. Consider what happened when the Europeans took over America from the American Indians and the Spanish took over from the South American Indians. From any point of view you want to take, the Europeans — even the crudest of them — were more complex than the Indians. And the outcome of the meeting between the two groups was inevitable.
Now jump to the other end of the spectrum and look at science. Quantum physics consumes Newtonian physics — just eats it up. Remember I’m not saying there is some objective reality to quantum physics — I’m just pointing out an example of something complex swallowing up a simpler explanation. Whenever there is a dynamic involving two people or two theories or two things — the basic dynamic is that the complex is there to consume the simple.
The pursuit of the more simplistic is the pursuit of the past. The past is ALWAYS simpler than the one studying it. That, among other reasons, accounts for the unending popularity of the past. 
All I have told you about the more complex consuming the simplistic has to do with you and the partnership. And it has to do with you and me. I can give you a verbal job classification of what I am doing: My job is to make you more complex than you otherwise would be. My job is to make you more complex than you ever, EVER would have been. 12/7/88 #0428

T.C.R. (Talk to Change Ratio) A direct ratio exists between the amount of talk about change and the amount of change that actually occurs.  Just as Line-level consciousness is drawn to magnetically accept people’s talk as a direct reflection of how they live their lives, it also accepts the talk emerging from groups of people—political parties, governments, social action groups—as being a meaningful reflection of that group’s actions.  And specifically, when such groups issue statements of intended impending change, notice how readily you accept that change as being already accomplished.  Just because it was said.  Simultaneously, notice how little change is actually brought about. Remember T.C.R., and Remember that it isn’t people talking.  It’s the voice of Life.  And what it’s expressing, in this case, is simply growing pains.  5-31-84 #0111

T.D. (The Dialogue) Another description of The Partnership, the internal dialogue without which it is impossible to be aware of one’s own thought process. “The Dialogue” is a more complex description: The Dialogue is a process of the totality of the neural system, rather than the metaphor of two disparate “entities” internally. Consider why J. has changed the metaphor, complexed the description. T.D. is required in the 3-D world to make two views of everything possible: a right view and a wrong view. It is impossible to be 3-D conscious in an internal monologue. 
The arising of arguments, debates, discussions—any form of disagreement or doubt—requires two entities, which have never been properly identified: one who doesn’t know and one who doesn’t know he will never know. Anything less than this makes for no real disagreement. Related to The Dialogue—your ambivalence—being similarly based: one aspect which doesn’t know, the other which cannot know. (Related to this, consider that someone you don’t like initially, you will never like.) Consider reversing the two aspects of TD; nothing will change, but this will bring you to attention and allow the potential of new direction for energy flow. There are things a Real Revolutionist should never say. Never tell yourself what your real pretenses are; never identify your real passions. Never allow both aspects of T.D. to agree and state “what kind of guy you are,” for this is the essence of T.D.: “I think,” “I feel,” “I believe.”  3-1-89 #0464 (also #0465 & #0467)

 T.G.U.T.B. of M.M. (The Great Unseen Triaxial Brotherhood of Mechanical Man) By birth everyone is automatically aligned with a lesser brotherhood than T.G.U.T.B. of M.M. and pitted against other such lesser brotherhoods, i.e., “we” = 1/3 vs. “them” = 1/3 while indifferent/unaware of the 1/3 that completes T.G.U.T.B. of M.M. There is an undiscoverable relation of Life’s time frame/scale to Man’s time frame. Life is in a continual state of adolescence, attempting always to “find its own voice,” in a constant state of development. Life’s lateral growth is “greased” by a kind of “rationalizing gibberish.” 6/26/86 #0214

3 H’s Method or H.H.H. (Head, Heart (smiling breath), Hips) The Real Revolutionist must be able to find a space in the city from which to make secret observations, to gain privileged information, without being noticed. The Real Revolutionist would tell his would-be recruits out in the bushes that they must abide by the 3 H-s Method: Head, Heart (smiling breath), and Hips (slightly tilted for instant movement)—this is the Revolutionary Posture of Attention. This posture is a tilting back, a step-back position from having your nose pressed against the window-of-consciousness. The Real Revolutionist must attain this posture.  The R.R. must really live on the edge, dangerously close to breaking loose from the gravity of the city. 9-20-87 #0274

T.I.D. (The Internal Dialogue) — Consider that The Dialogue is actually a trialogue: one voice of action; one voice of Thinking of Action/ planning; and a third voice worries about the consequences of either (limbic-talk). Note that this is also true at Life’s level of talk-through-man. The first two voices don’t really suffer, can’t take responsibility for their activity, or it would interfere with that activity. The third voice fills the need for another form of talk, making optimum efficiency. If you can’t defeat Life in your Internal Dialogue, make its victories increasingly expensive to the degree of bankruptcy of The Dialogue. Don’t tell yourself what you’re doing; Neuralization = Remember without thinking about, or, think about without remembering. The Internal Dialogue = what is thought becoming what is said. That which is thought is meant to be said in T.I.D. (if not overtly vocally); the two processes are not separate. The R.R. can go beyond “swallowing his pride”: he can swallow everything.  6-5-89 #0502 also 0508, & 0518

T.I.N.O.T. (There Is No Out There) There is extreme potential profit in considering T.I.N.O.T., because ordinary consciousness operates on the basis of everything being “out there.” The existence of “excess talk” is connected to this: you become what you talk about—that talked about no longer is even illusorily “out there.”  Once you can think about T.I.N.O.T., it is forevermore not “out there”—there is no “Not-I.” 6-14-84 #0113

T.I.W. (Then I Will) You can’t be helped by prayer because the time you could be helped (right now) is taken up by the solicitation. You can’t change your sense of Now. Your idea of Now is taken up by plans of change, so you can’t change Now. People imagined they changed in the past and want to in the future, but can’t change Now. Consider, T.I.W. equals Now. “I’ve decided that when such and such happens, then I will…”  In regard to this, a rule: Never tell yourself what you are doing. Spontaneity is moving slightly ahead of the nervous system.
This Thing is the trashing of lineal thought—compound dimensional creativity. You can’t be spontaneous Now in the City. To be spontaneous, you must have no sense of time. Time seems to separate everything because the nervous system can only T.I.W., can only think of only one thing at a time: “I’ll do this, then I will…”  To develop spontaneity, a Real Revolutionist must find holes where contours exist between this and that (in here), then be able to look through them.  Not so much new things but new holes in old things. 9/16/88 #0393

T.J.A.M.A.Y.J.T. (Thinking Just As Much As You Have To) The ordinary think they T.M.T.T.H.T. (think more than they have to) when they consider themselves to be thoughtful, pensive, introverted, but it is all just whining. There are two ways to tell if you’re T.J.A.M.A.Y.H.T.:
     1) If your thinking leaves you dissatisfied;
     2) Your thinking doesn’t leave you dissatisfied, but others don’t think as you do, and that leaves you dissatisfied. 4-15-91 #0803

T.K.S. (This Kind of Stuff) Another moniker for The Work. 8-31-90 #0694

T.M.T.Y.H.T. (Thinking More Than You Have To) Is not just an idea, nor can it be explained. One of the first things man thought was how might the first or present thought be modified or replaced; i.e., what alternative is there to the first thought? E.g., the Dale Carnegie positive thinking course. The physical can’t be modified, only the mental. Traditional alternatives to thought (after replacement): parallel thought (e.g., remembering the name of god with each breath); cessation of thought (meditation); extension of thought (ripening, improving, i.e., education); and This Thing, which involves T.M.T.Y.H.T. and which is outside the first four. To be dissatisfied is to be alive. The more dissatisfied, the more intelligent a person is considered to be. The idea of T.M.T.Y.H.T. is agreeable because it is not offensive to anyone; therein is the subtle beauty: the phrase is so mundane, acceptable, but only those with the capacity to do it, know they do it.  3-23-91 #0793

T.O.A. (Thinking of Action) The new information being made available through This Thing may strike you as simplicity itself. However, you should also be aware that you could not have thought of it by yourself.  One such piece of information is the fact that when people are affected by what seems to be external to them, they can only do one of two things:  ACT or THINK ABOUT ACTING.  Humanity is inescapably tied to these two possible responses. 1/31/85 #0143

T.P.U. (Triaxial Perception Unit) One who perceives from an extraordinary perspective in 3 different ways such that no ordinary looseness of possibility exists: the looseness of personality which admits limited motion and shifting giving the illusion of freedom to change and clouding Real Understanding. The T.P.U. fills up all looseness between the “good and bad” interpretation, the binary perception. 9/19/85 #0175

T.S.A. (Transient Systemic Anomaly) There is a sizable part of humanity that wants nothing to do with those who passionately evangelize or promote some position or idea, religious, political or otherwise.  “Yeah, I heard what you said when you handed me your pamphlet, and I’ve got no complaint with anything you said.  But there is a flaw here somewhere.”  There’s a flaw everywhere.  Every human, every group of humans, every institution, suffers from transient systemic anomalies.  Try that!  That sounds a lot better than saying we are all flawed.  If you’re human, you suffer from transient systemic anomalies—they come and they go. 1-14-88  #0312

T.S.I.T.N.F.T.S. (The Secret Is To Not Forget The Secret) [need date]

T.S.T.L. (the To Say the Least file) per Kyroot: The ordinary would find it extremely difficult to remain sane without being serious. (Editor’s Note: For deposit in “T.S.T.L.” file.)

T.W.E. (To What End?) The non-judgmental questioning of why are things arranged by Life as they are. An example is the idea of “lying”; to what end does Life allow “lies”? There is no lie until it is discovered as such. To What End does everyone believe in “two worlds”:  1. the mundane, dull, disappointing everyday one; 2. a greater reality of justice, right, and improved possibilities. (There is a rarefied group of ordinary men who are not subject to this; they are at the extremes of power and dominance.)  7/04/88 #0362 & #0467

U.T. of T. (Ultimate Triumph of Talk) Language is necessary to Life; without language, man would have no institutions. Only language can function in certain areas, meet certain energy needs. “The pen is mightier than the sword” is a simplistic reflection of the “ultimate triumph of talk” in its appropriate circumstance, and without which civilization would be impossible. 5-24-89 #0497

W.A.A.I.T.S.T. (Which After All Is The Same Thing) Expansion of the “I + Not-I = Everything” equation to: “Either You Do or You Don’t” = All Possible Humans and their Behavior (which, after all, is the same thing).  You can’t see the far walls of the universe, although all stable equations identify a far wall. “But” is the pointer to the far wall? 2-20-86  #0197

W.D.Y.W.F. (The What do you want? Force) is the uninvited. [From a new definition of the Three forces.] 6-26-91 #0834

W.K.O.G.I.A.  (What Kind of Guy I Am) Relates to people needing to define what “kind of guy they are.” The first thought, the first word of the brain, is in definition of W.K.O.G.I.A. Consider the example of shoe advertisements not being about shoes/goods, but about the users of same.  The thought process is that thoughts per se are not important, but the people thinking the thoughts are, i.e., the process of thinking. Knowledge/expertise is the defense of the intellect because then less thinking is required of it. The ultimate in this protection/expertise is advertised self-knowledge, i.e., the telling of “what kind of a guy I am.”
Remember, even saying, “I don’t know what kind of a guy I am,” is nevertheless telling what kind of guy you are. Only the Real Revolutionist can profitably enjoy realizing he is an integral part of the “ultimate dumbness.” Health is a hobby in the City and usually is discussed in the form of “what kind of guy I am”; everyone is driven to talk about health. A prime example of facts following acts: telling “what kind of guy I am.” #0582 also #0933

W.E.T.H.T.I. (Whatever The Hell This Is) For those of you that still don’t know what to call This Thing, I made up a new acronym:  W.E.T.H.T.I. — Whatever The Hell This Is.  So there!  That was a little humorous aside to let you catch your breath for a moment.  4/5/88 #0330 also #0384

Y.M.W. (Yellow Monkey Wrench) approach. The Y.M.W. is used to “tri-leg”—to force a third leg onto everything you observe with the binarily-based senses. This makes the binary into the triadal: the good/bad basis of all perception must be forcefully split by the Yellow Monkey Wrench. Ref: Diagram 1 with line drawn in below the Horizontal Line representing the innate structure of all ordinary perception/facts containing an anti-element in order to exist—a fundamental division which must be “tri-legged” by the Y.M.W.; to put a third leg on a two-legged fact. 4-3-86 #0202

Y.K.T.T.  (You Know the Trick) The actual definitions of all words are basically the same, if, as always, You Know the Trick. 12/21/87 #0305 (from Kyroots)