This is how things are, and apparently how they should be, (seeing as how this IS how they are), with each group playing their appropriate, inescapable, collective part, but at the individual level this matter can be seen differently.

The common mood of one’s community will instantly prevail regardless of one individual’s dissenting sentiments.  If the collective voice of your physical environment declares that such-and-such thing should be changed in this-or-that manner, your ideas to the contrary are worthless.

Men’s minds are programmed to find life unfinished; first in the physical realm, then the intellectual one, “Life left the weather too hot here, so us humans had to develop and provide air conditioning to make it comfortably inhabitable.”

(stage one).
“Life failed to inform some men that conservatism is the proper political program; thus, we who realize it must so instruct others.”

(second stage).
And the examples are as numerous as the things that interest humans that do not come out of the ground, (the arts, science, morality, chauvinism, social position, prestige, religion, reputation, on and on).

The ordinary men and women who make mortal life run, all feel that life left much of life unfinished, especially as concerns the conditions of their life, and the state of their temperament.


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