You’re Making Progress

In the ordinary world of ideas, no one knows what they are doing, and not one out of every million men who ever walk this planet ever realizes this.  One reason, described in symbols – it is not true; based on the currency-of-ideas commonly available to the mind – it cannot be so.

Ordinary men’s minds do what they do; they think what they think, and say what they say, and integral to their existence is that characteristic of the role they play, that makes them say that they do indeed know-what-they-are-mentally-doing.  (This is how it is with them). But in the rarified and privileged realm in which the one man in a million roams, he neither thinks that his mind knows what it is doing, nor does he think that it does not know what it is doing.  He simply is wise to what is going on. 

While it is not literally possible to remove yourself entirely from the drama being played on the physical stage-of-life, he who, in his own way, comprehends the above can take his personal focus away from this pleasing little farce, once he has seen each of the major acts once already, and perceives generally where the plot is headed.

Simply put:

Men who say that they know what they are doing mentally do not, for it reveals that they do not understand what is going on in the mental world.  One man in a million does come to realize the true nature of mental reality, and he neither knows what he is doing, nor does he not know.  Things are then just the way they should be…(seeing as how that is how they are.)

“I know where Oz is.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m positive.”

“The more I think about what you say, the less certain I am that I like it.”
“You’re making progress.”

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