The Location of Oz

If you in truth do not know the location of Oz, then produce a certificate that says you do, and snarl aggressively at any suggestion otherwise.  That is all a human can do, and that is all that ordinary humans feel the need to do.


When you’re playing fairy football, running over an elf is just as good as creaming Bubba Smith.

In this mortal play life is staging on earth, each person’s role is written so that their character acts as though he does not realize that he is simply playing a part.  He pretends not to distinguish a difference between the physical activity taking place on the boards, and his dialogue – a presumed manifestation of his thinking.

The role written for each man’s mind never includes the character becoming interested in knowing the source of his script.  You either know what you are doing, or you do not, but as long as you play out your assigned role, there is no need to know – and yet each person’s character is made to pretend that knowing does matter, and that they do.

“I know where Oz is.”
        “Are you sure?”
       “I’m positive.”


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