The Only Thing That Needs Fixing

The keen-eyed few’s focus becomes exclusively on themselves, (which is what must occur), but few of the few ever press on down the road to the place of questioning the original motivation for their attempted journey, which was that:

Something in them needed fixing. 

This feeling is so much an integral part of the talking, conscious operations of man’s brain, and its self evidency seems so blatantly obvious, that scarce indeed be those who ever even think about looking into the matter.  (As noted, only the insane would even consider the possibility that things about man do not need fixing.)

Thus it be in the range of Improbable to Unlikely that any person neurally equipped to do so ever investigates this question to the point of actually unwrapping it.  To do so is what the few are unknowingly after, in spite of what gets said in their head.  What drives them is not the desire to fix themselves, but to come to what is behind this desire.

Any repairman will tell you that the key to fixing things is the right tool, but the fact is that to fix what the few believe they are working on – there is no right tool…which doesn’t really matter, since nothing is really broken.  The fact that overrides that one, is that you cannot let this interfere with your investigation until you suddenly come to recognize for yourself, exactly how things are around here.

The only thing that needs fixing, (in the few – if that is you),
is your mind’s eye’s sight


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