To Fix or Not to Fix

The younger eyes/I’s in the talking part of man’s brain are the source of man’s view of life, and their concern for the disreputable conditions they perceive all around them are the fountainhead of all human progress.  A specific point of fact is technological progress, (in that no such creature as progress exists in the arts – only in the sciences – new schools of painting do not improve man’s health; new developments in medicine do).

The mind’s inborn perspective of many things being in need of fixing, is also the engine behind charity, the doctrines of religions, and the continuing interest that a few men have in shifting the primary observation post in their brain from where it naturally stands, to someplace else:

                        Waking Up; becoming Enlightened; being Liberated.

A few people, (if they ever get off the starting blocks), quickly go beyond an active interest in the things outside themselves that appear to be in need of fixing, and their attention becomes narrowed to just themselves.  In spite of the routine pressures that life applies to everyone’s head, they do not try to save the world – only themselves, and only the mental part thereof.  They attempt to fix their consciousness, their state-of-mind, their mental view of life, all of which equates to their understanding of life.

If they do not, early on, fall over into a comfy ditch, they have an unquestionable sense that what they want to fix is not the problem of them eventually dying, or that before then they will be subject to the ills and passions associated with their genetic temperament, (and also to the laws of gravity, weather, and other various cosmic constants).  It is something else.


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