The Right Tool

Any repairman will tell you that the key to success in fixing things is the right tool.

To fix what the few are always working on – there is no right tool.

You can’t let that stop you,  since there ain’t nothing broke to begin with.
(Just mind’s naturally skewed vision of certain things.)

All normal members of human society consider themselves to be repairmen, and believe sincerely that part of their reason for being here is to fix things that are broken.  Certainly, no ordinary, sane person would deny that much in earthly life is in need of remedial attention; from the onset of recorded history, such has always been the standard view, and contrarily, if anyone would claim that everything in life is “perfect” as is, they would be considered deranged.

The more civilized, social, and oriented by the younger areas of the brain a person be, the deeper is the feeling of many things in life being broken, and the greater do they feel driven to make the needed repairs, (or at least, sound the constant call for same).


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