No Pressure

No man has two heads  — everybody has but one, but everybody does have one head that is under special-pressure, and the realization and understanding of this is the release of the annoying pressure…which somebody somewhere once called…uhhh?…uhhh?, oh yeah, yeah enlightenment.

Everything that bothers and confuses you about life, yourself and other people is due to the special-pressure present and natural to all men.  It plays an observably important role in the wellbeing of the human herd, but a solitary cow, here-and-there, shaking off the pressure, is never noticed, and harms no one.

This cow then holds up his part in the compelled collective life of the herd only as minimally required, which does not – which does NOT include taking the herd’s life seriously.

The life of the human herd that is unique to man is fueled entirely by the special-pressure to which a wised-up-person no longer pays any attention.


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