Graduation Day

Even though This be neither creature, thing. non creature, nor non thing, it yet certainly is some thing, or we would not be here doing what we do.

But just what is it? 
That is not only “THE question” –
it also is, THE answer.

There was once a king who had a foe, with whom, each day, he did battle.  Endlessly did they meet in combat; the full forces of both brought to bear, and while it never seemed to the king that he had truly triumphed, neither did he ever feel totally defeated; thus the result of each day’s conflict was never satisfying.

Year after year did this inconclusive face off transpire, ‘til one day the king suddenly realized the problem: he had been calling his opponent by the wrong name.

No matter how long you have been here, as soon as you suddenly understand this – you’ve just graduated.


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