Even here in our authentic school, we too are faced with trainees already holding, in their minds, different names for the creature with which they must contend, and eventually know by its true name.

So, we select one of the many names already in circulation, and employ it simply as a useful, temporary compromise, (a fact that trainees cannot yet appreciate). They accept the name we provide for the creature as being its ultimate one – but since it is not, the problem of its being misnamed is not solved – only postponed.

The name by which we here refer to the creature is not objectively “incorrect” any more than would be any other we could have chosen.  The primary purpose of words is for efficiency:  efficiency in all things, from basic survival activities, wherein one man can tell another about a more efficient way he has found to grow a certain crop, without the second man having to go through that particular discovery process, physically for himself; to the apparently opposite extreme wherein one person, via words, tells others of his alleged discovery in an incorporeal realm.  Since they have had no such experience, he offers to share with them, (e.g., “I talked to god, and here is what he said he wants you to do…”)

Man could not change his physical environment to better suit him in any way as efficiently as he does now, were it not for his ability to put made-up names on things which everyone then agrees to, for the sake of expediency and practicality.  However, the putting of names on things that themselves are “made-up” presents its own unique cuteness, (a feature that few men ever come to appreciate).

The purpose of our school is to turn those involved into trainers of a certain, “creature.”  The word itself is yet one more mental expediency, and unavoidable misdirection.


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