Mental Pollution

The main room in which all men live is 16 billion kochexs old; the private one in which you personally reside is 60.

Fact:  One is larger than the other.
Quiz: Quess which. 
Hint:  This could be really important.

Everyone’s quarters are too cramped.  Most men do not hold this view, since to most people, the closer together – the better.  Those-to-great-wealth-born do not share this sentiment; contraire – they feel the vital exuberance, and potential vastness of their mind being stifled by the closeness and incestuous familiarity of mankind’s incessant, mental family reunion.

Mental pollution is the coin-of-the-realm of ordinary minds, but the privileged few insist on breathing fresh air. 

 (Hint: you have to bring your own.)


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