To Be Free, You Must Get Free

You cannot ride incorporeal buses with only one leg on board, and you will never figure out why not while pretending to overlook the fact that no bus is there for anyone to ride anyway.

Part of the general temperament of homo sapiens is to be social; with an inborn desire to have other people like you.  Those who secretly skin-the-pack, and see-its-sinews, must by nature be less dependent on the herd’s feedback for an acceptable sense of themselves.  It is a form of inner-hermitage: one that does none any harm but, greatly benefits a few.

The routine thoughts always available, and continually being force-fed to your head, are above all – social.  Thoughts attract thoughts; thoughts begat thoughts; floating unseen above man’s head, man’s collective thoughts do the endless, horizontal bop, and what shows up in your mind is your individual part of its on-going, impersonal climax. 

To be free you must get free.  You must see for yourself that what you want to think of as being your purely personal and individual ideas are but randomly collected broncos, temporarily corralled in your yard.

The ordinary reap the wind;
the privileged RIDE it.


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