Non Sense

One guy began to get a glimpse of it:
“Anything my thoughts say is so – I can assume is not.”
(And to his profit, he learned to count on it.)

A father asked his son if he wanted to play, Who Do You Trust, and the boy shot him in the groin.  (Which is not the same game they play with tractors that’s called Neural Dirt-Napping. Careful that a city-liberated-dog doesn’t whizz on your headstone.)  “Yeah – like I should BE so lucky.  Here Lucky, here Lucky – come here boy.”

Then there is the rollicking case of the man who would not come…when he called himself.
(“Yeah again, I should be so lucky myself!”)

 There is sense that is non-sense,
and there is non-sense that is the supreme sense. 

Few are ever alive at the same time on this planet, who can recognize and distinguish between the two.  But a significant hint can be given:  meaningless non-sense you can hear.


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