Blind Sight

One man had two dogs, and when either was home – the other was gone.  Truth is, he never saw them both at the same time.  The man BELIEVED he had two dogs.

There is a sight that is blind, and you may think that this makes no sense, but Hark, Heed and Ho, it is your mind that thinks this, the very thing that engages in blind-sight.  (“Convenient, huh?”)

A corner in one man’s room was dark and empty. 
From it he eventually filled the rest of his house.

The ordinary laud knowing; the extra ordinary secretly celebrate that within them that says: “I do not know.”  It proves to be their truest ally.

No one ever gets wet without their clothes first understanding “dryness,” and anything that knows the nature of dryness understands how you go from there to wetness.  Ergo: don’t let your head lie to you, saying that it does not know how to get out of your present wet-condition.


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