Horse Studies

Two main courses of action are responsible for confusing humans.
One is: trying to figure things out and the other is: not trying to figure them out.

There was a man who had a horse he rode, and no matter where he told the horse to go – it would go wherever it pleased, and the man never seemed to notice.  It’s hard to believe, but he sure acted like he didn’t notice.  Wherever the steed took him, once there he’d do a jam-up job of pretending that was where he wanted to go all along.

A small, obscure splinter band of horse fanciers took on the solitary task of studying the steed. No one ever had before…they never published the results of their study.

Elvira’s Soliloquy for All Mankind:

I daily give thanks for the many disturbing things of which I remain unaware. (WeIl, I feel sure that they would be disturbing…if I knew about them. Hmmph!”) 

In a universe that is shaped funny, you can run as hard as you can in one direction and it won’t do you any good.  Butthen you can turn around and run as hard as you can in the other direction, and make yourself think that it did do some good.

Moral: Never trust what you think…if you live in a universe that’s shaped funny.


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