You Only Have One Dog

The reason you should not listen to anyone else regarding man’s mental reality is not because of their stupidity (for they are no more so in this area than you).  The danger is that when men seek expertise in the incorporeal realm, they have an inherent desire to believe that someone must be knowledgeable, (since they obviously are not), and have a strong tendency to overlook the fact that they do not.

In physical affairs you can always determine whether a man, (such as a mechanic), knows what he is doing, by the tangible results of his effort.  But in non-material matters you have no observable, tactile evidence to go by.  The basis on which you accept another’s expertise in the man-made-up, mental reality is as a leprechaun judging an elf beauty contest. 

When trying to weigh and compare evidence and determine the truth in the mental courtroom, you have nothing to go by – and for one simple reason – there is nothing there.  This is why “belief, faith, and conviction” are the cornerstones of man’s judicial, mental battlegrounds.  In the glaring, but ignored absence – nay, impossibility of “knowledge” – Christians believe there is a God, but they know there is no Allah.

Men with lead dogs can only believe that awakening exists,
but are at least certain that they are presently asleep. 

You only have one dog; whether he remains blind is up to you; whether he appears TO you to be blind is entirely dependent on your finally realizing that you only have one dog.


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