Sleeping State-of-Mind

One man had a really stupid seeing-eye dog that mistook him whenever he tried to go to a certain place.  (Not “mistook” him for someone else, but took him mistakenly where he didn’t want to go.)  He would tell the dog quite plainly his desired destination, and the creature would turn right around, and blithely ignore his instructions.

The man became so frustrated that he sought the advice of an expert, who told him, “The place you say you want to go is special, and it requires special effort to get there, and there is only one person on this entire planet who understands your special need – and that is your dog,” The man vigorously objected, “That cannot be; you do not know how ignorantly he acts in response to my clearly stated desire.”  The expert calmly replied, “Ah, but what you call his ignorant actions in regard to where you say you want to go, is the very information you need to get there.”

The man appeared puzzled; the expert continued, “Everything your uncooperative dog does is precisely everything that you presently CANNOT do.  What more need you know?!  A man’s ignorance is the yin to his non ignorance’s yang.


What you call your sleeping-state-of-mind is merely the reverse of your sought-for, awakened one.”  The expert leaned close, and said: “Don’t you GET IT?  Your dog does; he just doesn’t know it, (which is to say), he doesn’t have the vocabulary to understand what your talking-brain is dreaming of.” 

It suddenly all came to the man, and never did he look at his dog in the same way again.  On some worlds this story would constitute a complete system for enlightenment, and freedom from white-cane-consciousness.  (Tap, tap, hello; is anyone there?)     


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