The First Stage of a Journey

Attila was doing all right…’til he converted to civility; and Faust was doing okay ‘til he abandoned his.  See – you can’t win at this as long as you see it as a contest. 

“Yippee –I win!” 
“How do you know?” 
“’Cause I can no longer tell.”

All systems taught to achieve enlightenment are forms of self-inflicted wounds, and moreover, to a self that doesn’t exist until you inflict the wound.

In the first stage of a journey, a man thinks only about the destination.  In the next stage, he begins thinking full time about the effort of the travel.  If this doesn’t land him in a ditch, he then begins moving faster while thinking of nothing but, “What the hell I am doing here?!” That’s when the destination comes forward from the mist.

A son asked his father, “What is the difference between ‘facts’ and ‘anti facts’?”  In a more spatial reality he would have been sent to his room for asking such a question, but this family lived in an area wherein the illusion of differences-between-things did not exist.  (“Phew! Close call, huh?”)

The non-tourist version of Enlightenmentland is a place of equitably-distributed-reality…just like where you live…except here you don’t have to wear headphones, and listen to gawdaful running commentary on a forced schlepping tour of the premises.


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