Fact, Fact, Fact


If you say you want to understand what is really going on, (but really don’t), all you need do to protect yourself is ask someone else to tell you what-is-going-on.  (Life will shield you just as much as you want to be shielded, on that you can rely.)


Those who wise-up have ceased to rely on anything…(fact, fact, fact:  hint, hint, hint).

To ever fully catch-on, you have to know what you look like from the back – BUT you’ve got to do it without looking back. 

Title of a book you should probably read: 
Thought As Ventilation: A Blood Coolant,” (no doubt).

The distracting struggle with behavior keeps men’s inner universities – kindergartens.

If you can label the way a person leads their life, then rest assured that they are as asleep as everyone else.


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