Anti Facts

After many years in the struggle, one man suddenly thought, “If I am not awake by now –  I’ll probably never be.”  This was immediately followed by, “Damn!  If I’d realized that years ago I’d probably BE awake now.”

Trying to abandon your present non-understanding is a costly mistake, for all you need to know you learn from your current condition-of-mind.  Men want to trade in their old car for a different model.  There are none – only the one you have.  (You’re just not sitting in it in a position that is comfortable for you.)

Realizing that you do not know what you are doing in trying-to-do-this-thing is the very thing that will reveal everything to you.  The you that doesn’t know where to go is the real and enlightened you.  (And only the enlightened can bear-r-r to face this fact!)

In alternative words:
Don’t look for The Secret. 
Look to the thing in you
that doesn’t know the Secret – 
it knows everything.

Axiom With Its Front End Aligned:
The non-knowing will inherent the earth – the inner earth, wherein nothing can be planted, nor anything reaped – “Ahhh, sweet quiet relief.”


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