In spite of their noise to the contrary, ordinary people accept who they are.  A scant few never do, and as per myth: these are the mortals the gods are impressed by…or else the ones they laugh at. 

Anything said about the incorporeal is a lie, and anything said about the thing that speaks of the incorporeal is a falsehood doubled. 

If you still have a retort to anything anyone says to you, you still do not understand what “saysing” is all about.

By necessity, all people are born actors; then by apparent inclination, the practice of their craft is distinguished by their scenery chewing.  Men tend to overdo whatever they do in their mental reality; in fact, a large part of its attraction is that, (contrasted to physical reality), you can do so and suffer no harm.

You may instantly and profitably stop listening to anything that begins with the words:  “Ever since 19___” (fill in the date).


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