Anyone who says that they want to understand what is really going on that makes them so persistently dissatisfied, and  who looks outside of themselves for any sort of an answer, is fooling themselves – and that’s what is really going on THERE.  Things not discovered on your own, are not truly known.

Men will give up all manner of pleasant, destructive habits before they will give up their heroes. Loving the Lone Ranger carries with it the belief that Silver will one day relieve you of walking. Men can experience an emotional joy singular to humans that is based on fond mental pictures of the deceased, (and otherwise, non-present), and which begs to be turned into dreams of mortals-becoming-super-mortals; images made more palatable by distance in time.

Note: distance-in-time generally equates to distance from reality, and not even superheroes, or gods, can wake up at any time but now.  (And further note): they cannot, apart from your thinking of them, and if you are thinking of them as being awake, then your thinking at that moment must be awake.  WHAT – you’ve never NOTICED?!?  Well right there is your problem.   You continue to understandably think that there is certainly a striking difference between 
daylight and night time, and yet this belief keeps you from recognizing the flashes of light ever present in your life.

Waking up is the Mississippi at flood stage; how are you going to keep it out of your house, even if you wanted to?  You will finally see it as never having been so much a problem of struggling to be awake, as it was the effort involved in pretending that you weren’t.

Relax – unnecessary tension and pressure is unnecessary.  Ease up, the sky’s clear, the beach is deserted.   Grab your board – “Reality’s UP”!!


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