If you still look to sources outside yourself for instructions on how to behave in your external life, you are in no position to make use of any info regarding your internal life.  Beavers spend all morning gnawing down trees and building dams.  Who expects them to interrupt an afternoon nap to do volunteer work?

It is most common among people who insist that they want to know the truth about what they are, to say that first they must paint their house, lose weight, reseed the lawn, work out certain social problems, just generally – get their visible life in order before they can properly pursue the real aim. 

There is no mind other than your mind,
and other than what you bump into,
there is no world out-there
other than your mind of it.

Everybody is, (as mystics call it) – asleep, but only those who hear about it and then think about it – CARE.

To ever get-to-the-bottom-of-things, you must recognize when you get to the end of things.  The ordinary stop too soon; the hungry tend never to…


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