Under A Special-Pressure

A person with an ordinary comprehension of life, man, and their self, is a person who in their movie-running-head, continually feels under-a-special-pressure.  The more time you spend in your head, (as opposed to your stomach, muscles or genitals), the more of this minnow-threat pressure do you feel, (and though primary head-dwellers tend to ignore the fact, most of the world’s people still spend most of their time in the above noted other regions of their body).


All areas of your being and body, save one, live in the instant moment and present place.  Their pleasures and responsibilities exist here-and-now only.  The stomach cannot enjoy tomorrow’s meal, nor the genitals the caress of someone who is somewhere else; nor can the body overall be threatened by any forces that are not present, right here – right now.

Any pressure a person feels beyond the clear confines of the physical here-and-now are pressures of that special-sort. These out-of-time-and-place special-pressures, common to man, are a major part of what keeps mankind’s common existence together.  Without these displaced special-pressures, man would have no art, no politics, no religion, no literature, no mythologies, no civilization in general, and no man would be particularly distinguishable from the next man, other than for his size and strength.

Time, outside of man, runs at a speed different from the one in him that is under this special-pressure.  This is obvious even in relative terms if you observe the contrasting tempos at which head dwellers, and the otherwise live, (between sophisticated people, relying on their wits, and the bucolic, still dependent on their muscles.  As always in all situations describable by man,
this arrangement also exists inside of each man.


This special-pressure is the source of all conflict between men that you cannot put your finger on – LITERALLY!  If there is a dispute among people which cannot be set down before them, that they able to touch with their hands, then the dispute, no matter the verbal description given it, is caused by the escaping fumes arising from the special-pressure extant in the participants. 


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