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Those who talk about enlightenment, and say are significant such subjects as: health, money, dying, politics, religion, duty to humanity, and obligations to ancestors, gods, and spiritual teachers, are as far from the reality of enlightenment as any bum, or murderer.

One man had one major complaint: the wind kept blowing the cloth off of his picnic table, and oblivious to what he was actually doing, he kept trying to weight it down using the only thing he found available – the tablecloth.

There is a thing in which
the fuel that runs it
is also where it goes.

A son questioned his father’s repeated insistence that men’s ordinary mental life is one of almost total pretend, and him offering as an example his claim that no one actually believes what their religion says, by countering that he was unfairly limiting his evidence to the unsophisticated of the world.  The elder responded by pointing out that even the highly educated and worldly-wise pretend to believe in economic forecasts when they know full well from experience that they are patently unreliable.

Some people mentally cherish the Easter Bunny, and some, the Tooth Fairy, and each can ridicule the other’s folly.  But, in a man who is out-of-bed with eyes-awake, the twain doth meet, and the outcome of the collusion is a nothingness; a mental spaciousness with room for all who need to enter, and which is hospitably indifferent to all its uninvited guests.


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