The Mental Self

Even though, “physical reality and mental reality” are themselves merely expedient, made-up descriptions, unless you see for yourself the ever-present, always-working, inescapable operation on which they are based, you will never see you, mankind, or life clearly.

You, mankind, and life are all one big, unified ball of wax, but men have a special spot in their ball that has a blind spot regarding itself, and have thus unwittingly, developed a dual perspective of the whole ball.  This spot is man’s mental self, and it sees everything in terms of subject and object.  It is the subject, and whatever it thinks about is something separate from it, an object. 

Ergo: man’s perception of living in dual realities;
one of physical matter, and one of thought-and-talk.

Man’s mental self has made pretty short work of his physical reality.  He has cured fatal diseases, revolutionized the production of food, changed the course of rivers, gone to other planets.  He has seen to the edge of the universe, and into the heart of an atom; and man’s mental self has also made short work of itself, but not in a sense profitable to a man seeking to understand in solitude what is going on.

Man’s mental self has classified the physical elements of the universe; described matter and energy and charted the planet’s biology and his own physiology, but has no conception of itself apart from what it has observed about its own physical reality.  It has continually attempted to expand its scope and do otherwise, and has gone so far as to give the effort its own name, (variously known as: Psychology, Psychiatry, even, Philosophy), but only a man with no personal, sighted-man of his own inside, can pretend to accept the vacuous speculations, and theories presented thereby as having any enlightening significance whatsoever.

Only a solitary individual here and maybe, there – who says he understands nothing about his mental self – understands ANYTHING about his mental self, and anyone who doesn’t understand what their mental self is about will never understand what mankind’s mental reality is about.


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