More Ad Hoc Mapping

To go along with the previous concept of man having two selves: (a mental self, and a non-mental self), picture him living in two realities.  A physical reality, and a mental reality, they are both real but one is material, and the other, not.

Matter makes up the physical reality, and talk, the mental one.  Both are necessary for a man to live an ordinary life.  At any given moment, one may be expediently more important than the other, (although the former is always involved in everything a man does).

Man’s mental self takes mental reality to be of more importance than does his non-mental self, (which appears to be essentially either ignorant-of, or disinterested-in the existence of a non-material reality). 

Man’s mental self talks about both the mental reality and the non-mental one, while his non-mental self, lives in silence.

Man’s mental self says that it can affect his non-mental self, while the latter is silent on the subject, (and obviously does not have to comment on its possible reversal. in that it is literally the life support system for the former).


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