Combining Imaginary Elements

Now back, as always, to the confines of your own head.  How you combine, or think of combining the physical materials you find on this planet is of no relevance to our instant interest, but the combining of mentally-made-up-materials going on continually in your head is at the very core of our concern.

Every idea ever uttered by any man who ever breathed was a compound of sounds that will not hold together.  As easily as a man can say that 2 is a rational number, he can say that it is not, and only those who never catch on to the joke, believe that the distinction is significant.

The most disorienting mental combining is in the putting together of the word, “my” with any other. By so doing are your thoughts are able to pass themselves off as a person, and then this non-existent, mind-person is made capable of pretending that it possesses stuff…stuff that is likewise non-existent.  

If you’re able to believe in Santa Claus, then you’re capable of comprehending what he thinks about at Xmas. Do not bother to say that you are “asleep” – say that you are Santa Claus –  it is the same thing.

No thought ever automatically passes through the consciously aware area of your brain that is not a compound of non-existent materials.  A prior combining of imaginary elements that have no lasting attraction to one another, will disintegrate just as easily and quickly as you can say, “But I do not agree…”

Plastics are permanent – thoughts, throw-a-ways.


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