Theoretically Speaking

If men did not have these two selves, they would not experience the dissatisfaction they say they do.  Men would have no more complaints than does your average tiger.  Man’s non-mental self, expresses no dissatisfactions with life, only needs, (stomach growlings, etc.), while the very existence of his mental self is centered around continuing disapproval of conditions.

Mental self’s relentless unhappiness with things as they are, however they are, is the engine pulling the club car in which men leisurely lounge.  The overwhelming majority of all ordinary cows quickly adapt to, and accept this state of affairs within themselves, and the few, few, few sane ones who do not, are more or less left to fend for themselves.

Since man’s non-mental self seems not even aware of the situation, you cannot apparently seek its help in coming to satisfying grips with what is troubling you due to these circumstances, but when you turn the spotlight of conscious attention, onto your mental self, it freezes for a moment…then disappears.   

(A lot of help it is, huh….theoretically speaking, of course.)

The foolish amongst the few, (which there could, in theory, be some), totally ignoring what they already know to be true about their own mental self’s ability to help, will seek guidance from the mental self of other men.    (Good entertainment – BADDDD business decision!)


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