Whatever It Is

In the beginning, those with the interest in this, see life as fraught with unfairness and inexplicability.  Based on everyone else’s apparent indifference thereto, they soon judge themselves to be unusually sensitive, and with a much more complex view of life than everyone else. This is how all start the adventure, but unless you get over this delusion, this is also how it will conclude for you.

The “secret knowledge,” the “Truth” that all of the would-be enlightened seek is simple and unbreakable, not fragile and complex, and is surrounding you every moment of your life.  You couldn’t get away from it if you tried.  The “truth” is what happens, and the “secret” is to see it happen, period!

In metaphorville, Alexander treated the Great Knot as an alert man should in the matter of, “I am Asleep, and should Awaken.”  Alexander didn’t understand the Knot, and how it was tied, and neither do you, “being asleep,” or “waking up.”  His solution to the challenge bypassed any mental questions that could have appeared in his mind; he simply cut directly to the core of the problem before him.

Do the same.  Your present consciousness of life, whatever it is, is an enlightened one.  A man cannot have a consciousness of life that is invalid, but what he can do is suddenly realize the unexplainable reality of this paragraph.

“Hey, I’m free – I never was in jail.”
“Hey, I’m not fragile – I never was.”
“Hey, I’m no longer being imposed on by
  a world of idiots!”…“What’s for dinner?”


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