A Radio Playing in Another Room

In the operational description that drives all explorers, “I am studying my mind.”  The key word is not “mind,” but, “my.”  (Well, that’s how it is ultimately.  How quickly you arrive at that understanding would appear to be up to you.)

Believing that there have been people who were superhuman, or who had superhuman abilities, (such as living without eating, going without sleep, holding their breath for days, reviving the dead, and so on), has kept more children asleep than all the world’s lullabies.   It is not superhuman, but strictly human to wake up to what is going on in human life…what could be more human.  (If you insist on a separate category, then think of those who do not realize what is going on as being subhuman.  And don’t forget to include yourself where appropriate.)

The herd always thinks that anything that’s wrong is caused by outside circumstances.  The herd never catches on to the fact that they ARE their circumstances.  Circumstances always think that anything that’s wrong is caused by the herd.  Every hundred years or so, an individual cow, (or circumstance), catches on. 

One man complained of always hearing a radio playing in another room.  He couldn’t ever seem to locate the room.  When he’d go searching for it, and get close, the radio would suddenly stop playing, and he would lose the only clue he had to finding the room.  He never could get the radio to stop playing – except when he went looking for it.  (He never did get hip to what was happenin’.)

What you are has more effect on how you feel than does what you think.  What you think merely reflects what you are.  What you are does not know, “what it is” – only thinking knows that and it has it wrong.  It is thinking’s job to have it wrong.

Guy says: “The most hilarious words in all of human language are, ‘my mind,’” and after rolling around on the ground for awhile, completely overcome with laughter, he composed himself long enough to look up, and add, “Actually, it is just the one word,“my.’”  And with that, he was back to his tumultuous tumblin’  and  a’ chortlin’.


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