Matters Under the Hood

Ordinary people are made to pretend that regarding matters under the hood of their head, that study of the intangibles therein will reveal their nature and purpose.  This is erroneous, but by so insisting, a captivating illusion is created whereby the droplight men employ ;under their cranial hood begins to invent scenes it says it sees in there, when the unrealized thing to profitably BE seen is the droplight itself.

“Gee, Dad, this sure is a dark and mysterious garage.
“That, my boy, is what everyone says when they first come here.”

“Gee, I never heard anyone say that before.”
“That’s because all ordinary people who ever do, once they come here – deny that they did. The few who understand what occurred, realize there is nothing to be said about it.”

It is an unusual breed of explorer who discovers a new land, and never mentions it.  During the time they are drawing near, they may, but once there – silence!  

(There is nothing about the place to tell about.)

Hint: You will get there much quicker, if you will stop telling yourself what the place is like.


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