Everyone Knew The Secret But Him

Why, so commonly, for thousands of years, have people put themselves on unsatisfying eating regimens in an effort to achieve enlightenment?
It seems absurd on the surface, but people just goofin’ around with it unwittingly know what they’re doing. 

The best way to make yourself keep getting aboard a bus, that you know is not going where you want to go, is to stay, at least slightly, irritated.  (If you have to think about this one also, it will momentarily elude you – but don’t despair; lean your head down, and see what your stomach has to say about all of this.)

From his son’s room one night, a father heard disturbing noises, and when he looked in he saw the boy moaning and thrashing about in the throes of a dream.  He tried to awaken the lad, but found he could not. He now felt like he was in a bad dream.  He then shook his own head violently, and slapped his face, but the scene did not change; it apparently was not a dream. He returned to the son’s room constantly, to try and awaken him, but with the same futile results.

Then on one occasion, just as he stepped through the door, the whole matter suddenly became clear to him.  A news story appeared in his head about a land wherein one man was convinced that there was a great secret to be known, but he could get no one else interested in searching for it. Turned out that everyone but him knew the secret; and “the secret” was: 

Everyone knew the secret but him. 

Any woods you haven’t explored are larger than any you have.  Everything you haven’t investigated is more confusing than anything you have.  The first time you look under the hood of a car, the scene defies comprehension, but once you have handled and had its parts explained, you can do your own tune ups.


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