The Hell You Say!

And one man said, “I am fed up with not understanding this!”  He later said, “I am still fed up with not understanding this.”  After that he said, “Just whose damn fault is it anyway that I am not understanding this?” One man finally took an axe to his head, and his wife to bed – not the mistress.

Another guy contacted everyone he’d ever done business with and declared, “You over charged me,” and they all just made silly noises back at him…sort of like a cuckoo sounds right when he awakens.

There was a man who had an imaginary thing – which he eventually forgot was imaginary.  He came to dislike having the thing, but since he’d forgotten that it was unreal, he found fault with its apparent qualities, (rather than denouncing the effect its spurious existence was having on his life, or just ignoring the whole thing…inasmuch as it didn’t actually exist and all).

On one planet, that which is possible is possible, and clearly that which is not, is not.  Some creatures fled that world and landed on another, bringing with them, half of how things were back home.  A blind man cannot be made to see, but he can discover how to peer over his shades.
Two more methods:

The “It’s just me” method, whereby when the mind starts to drift off into meaningless thoughts, you suddenly announce, “It’s just me! Nothing’s going on here except ME,” (rather than denying and denouncing what is going on). 

The other is an alternate approach whereby, no matter what the mind is saying YOU say, “The HELL you say!” 


Rejection of the absurd is the penny pinching;
the death of rejection, the supreme cost saving.


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