The Expense of Thought

What everyday men call thinking, those, off-the-calendar see as an impediment TO the enlightening and pleasurable use of mind.  The unrecognized cost of thought is so expensive that it keeps most men too poor to afford real thinking. 

Everything that thought puts together is costly beyond mind’s ability to calculate.  Everything arranged and constructed by thought costs the mind everything it has.  Thus do those with that certain interest find a certain death to be a great cost cutter inasmuch as after this particular expiration is complete, they no longer spend everything they have on items that can only be fully enjoyed BY the price that they paid for them.  They are then no longer men paying for admission to the Louvre with their corneas, or for a table at Maxim’s with their tongue. 

(“I regret that I have but one neural in-law to feed to the dogs of retail.”)


Out amongst the herd it has always been a customary sign of sophistication for a man to complain about the cost of keeping a mistress, in addition to his wife.  While no doubt the expense of dual households can be arduous, ’tis still an arrangement expected of those with 
true savoir faire

In the world inside of human heads, do all people keep a paramour; an illicit lover in addition to their lawful mate.  To be worldly-wise, a person must engage in such a lifelong inner affair.  To fit mentally with the majority you can NOT limit yourself to only, “Dancing with the one you brung.” 


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