The Ultimate Debt Crusher

Think what a money saver death will be!  (Better than a brother in law in wholesale.)  Everyone complains about the cost of living, yet no one notes the savings in dying.

The timid, weak and witless dread death, while those, truly-on-their-toes hold another view of the BIG “D.”  As always, their different perspective of this common physical affair are related to their special non-physical pursuit.   In other words, their interest is not in physical death, but in the demise of something less tangible – of something that, in fact, has no actual life of its own. Their attention is on the killing of a thing that merely reflects life, and in a manner MOST costly.

To ordinary people, the constant, automatic, audible activity going on in their head is just part of the cost-of-doing-business – the price for being alive.  It is in fact an activity that contributes to men’s staying alive, but from the view of a few homo-sapiens, much of this cost is unjustified, and it is a further yen waster to forget that this is a minority view.

Routine people not only un-analytically accept this inborn, in-house, running commentary to their life, but in fact encourage it, and seek to add to it.  The thinking of such standard issue minds is that enriching the voiceover will enrich their enjoyment of life.

“Hang the expense,” (they in effect say), not aware from the minority view, that in so doing they actually diminish the potential mental pleasures of being alive and able to think.


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