The Information Detector

Everyone wears a raincoat; no matter the weather, they’re always in the raincoat.  This of course is fortunate when it happens to be raining but, when it is not…well…

Fact:  It is always raining somewhere…in some poor slob’s head. Hence, life’s preemptive measure of having everybody wear raincoats all of the time.

Fact:  Enlightenment is in wearing your raincoat only when it is raining.
All men have an inborn Information Detector, but most of them have the annoying habit of going-off in reaction to almost any noise.  More precisely put is to say that hardly anyone finds this annoying.  Most men in fact enjoy it, and will even purposefully seek out situations that cause it to occur.

Generally speaking, the Information Detector signals in survival pertinent situations when it is truly needed,  and thus fulfills its primary responsibility, but most of its time is spuriously spent in going-off in reaction to activities not literally necessary for physical survival – but by gawd, activities that most men find entertaining!


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