The ABC Language

On one world, everyone is born speaking the ABC language, which serves well the majority. A small number of the inhabitants, however, find it inadequate for a certain minority interest they attempt to pursue, because in that the native tongue has no words to describe their interest, they obviously cannot – even to themselves – describe their interest.

All they know for certain is that they are dissatisfied, and that none of the things that are describable quells their hunger.  They internally hear something calling them, but who knows what it is?!

Since ABC is the only language that everyone speaks, the few must continually deal therein to survive.  Thus, they constantly shift back and forth between being thoroughly disenchanted with the common vocabulary, and blithely, by necessity, dealing therein.

When they are in the former mental position, they realize fully the impotence of their language to describe at all the source of their dissatisfaction, that of the silent voice that beckons them. When their thoughts are totally immersed-in, and completely confined-to the local vernacular, they have no immediate memory of this realization, and will fitfully try to make it fit over their unique interest. Then when they return to the mental state of understanding the language’s innate limitations, they feel more dissatisfied and frustrated than before.

There are ancient writings on the world which purport to explain in the standard language the very thing that so bothers the few, and its cure, and by golly – they appear to do just that!  IF when you read them, (written as they must be, in the native language), your mind is confined to thinking about them in that same language, (which ordinary minds will do).


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