You Drive For A While

What follows is a list of topics that have been considered for coverage in the Daily Fresh Real News, but before you read below the red line, try to mentally write your own stories thereabout.
1. The joys and expense of mistaking noise for knowledge.

2. The joys and expense of believing that there IS knowledge.

3. Prayer as the mind searching for new ways of talking to itself.

4. Meditation as the mind trying to shut itself up. 

5. Enlightenment as the mind trying to leave town and be done with it.

6. A man asks, “What is the chemical symbol for rust?”

7. It is the transparency of it that throws you.

8. Subliminal reinforcement tapes with such titles as: 
   “Smoke”; “Drink”; “Don’t exercise”;  “Go With The Natural Mental Flow,” et cetera.

9. The interests of the state vs. those of the individual:
   (The interests of the herd as opposed to those of a cow.) 

10. The few have few children; they have mental offspring.

11. The significance of artists being smart asses.

12. Why fiction is so popular and s-o-o-o-o-o comforting.

13. Why biographies are so popular and s-o-o-o-o reassuring.

14. The heartbreak of reporters wanting to be the celebs they cover:
     (The joys and expense of the mind, believing that it has the ability to engage in meaningful envy.)

15. Talk as nothing but grooming; a safety valve; a cheap way to pass the time.


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