The Right Direction

The reason that searchers cannot find the mystical city of Atlantis is because all such locations are constructed of intangible building materials.  The only remnants of dreams are dreams, hence their annoying recollection when awake.

The special help needed by the few is not available.  That is its unique value
– you can’t GET it!
Just trying to get it from someone else assures that you will forever be in need.
You can’t GET it.
You can’t get it, you can’t get it.
GOD, what a relief! 

There are men who continually look, and what they attempt to see is their self; but this looking never leads anywhere, for their self cannot see its self.  There are men who sleep and thrash; they dream of awakening from the fitful sleep, but they never do.  They mistakenly struggle in their mind to overcome the thrashing, while never directly peeking under the covers to discover its cause.

There is a thing that constantly points and it attempts to point at itself. 
This thing that constantly points, never points to itself – it can’t.  

The mind is the source of all dreams; body, the subject of all nightmares.  The mind is author of all behavior that body would never have thought of.  So why make it suffer more grief than it might have, strictly on its own?  There is no reason – no reason at all.
There is a thing that constantly points to the secret, but few have the eyes/I’s to look in the right direction.


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