What the Mind Holds

Whether literally apparent or not, all ordinary sentences are compound, and contain the words, “will and but.”  A perfect reflection of how mind operates.

Not only cannot how-things-are be explained, it can’t even be explained why it can’t be explained.  A man partially awake can no longer explain how-things-are; one fully aroused won’t even try to explain why how-things-are can’t be explained.

The mind holds but one erroneous belief: 
That it knows something about a non-physical realm.

Be a sieve; let all the parts run right thru you and they will eventually assemble themselves. Just don’t let words stick to you.  The power is not in grasping — but in letting go.

Being asleep is the mind lying about what it believes; ergo, waking up must also be a form of lying.  Being awake is all an act.   If you pretend to be awake, you no longer care whether you are awake or not.


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