The Collective Herd

In the less heavy, more rarified air, each cow’s head has become involved in a constant activity of make believe.  The herd as a whole even has several collectively shared daydreams which seem to help hold it together, and as long as their individual head-musings do not threaten the health of the herd, each cow is more or less free to engage in whatever forms of make believe it wishes.

The photographs show a place of much vitality and creativity – a world that flourishes!  But closer examination of a certain sort reveals that a few cows are not all that excited with the situation. 

Here is what bothers them: their heads believe that they live in an atmosphere that is different from the one in which the rest of their bodies live.

                                                      …(You can guess the rest.)

The ill are constantly offered treatment;
why do they not accept it?


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