Man’s Mind is of Two Minds

Man’s mind is of two minds.  Each man’s individual mind is but a part of man’s collective mind, and this master mind works by being binary; thus, man’s mind is of two minds.  Without there being two minds involved in all mental matters, (conservative and liberal), there would be no mental matters, (no politics, no religion, and no seasonal fashions).

Your mind will forever be dissatisfied with “what is,” while your physical instincts are forever in favor of the status quo and what has been previously experienced.  That is how it is in man, and to face this is to be saved from a multitude of non-fatal, annoying ant nibbles.

This is life’s today and its yesterday continually stirring within YOU, but on a scale so far removed from anything conceivable by the human mind as to be constructively unknowable, and thus of no possible mental significance.  But what you can do is realize the situation; acknowledge and correctly identify the local manifestations of life’s universal motion; not take it personally, then let-it-go.

When this is not done, you continue to fall prey to that most ludicrous situation of the mind: labeling a matter in the second reality, that appears to be occurring outside of itself, then criticizing it for its shortcomings.  Meanwhile acting oblivious to the larger, patently plain reality of the affair, which should embarrass any reasonably intelligent five year old, (for instance), people continually condemn weather forecasters’ failures to correctly predict tomorrow’s conditions, when they have a lifetime’s experience telling them that this is the norm, and to be expected.  They blame the meteorologists for their inaccurate forecasts rather than their stupidity for depending on same when they have no reason to expect otherwise.

There are equally revealing examples wherever you look in man’s second reality: stock market analysts, psychologists, sociologists, political pundits, spokesmen-for-god, and so on.  It is part of the mind’s nature to point its finger-of-verbal-attention at a shadow in front of it, and engage in endless speculation  regarding same, while never facing up to the fact that it is always its own shadow that it contemplates.

(A person, who finally realizes this, receives a new Porsche every year, for the rest of their life.)  


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