Two Opposing Camps


In the thought, speech, and writings of man, has always been note made of a conflict between two particular opposing camps, which influences everything from politics, to morality, to art and religion.  A struggle most commonly referred to as being between Liberals and Conservatives, sometimes as between Progressives and The Orthodox, but which could just as well be identified as occurring between:
the young, and the old;
the fresh, and the stale;
the excited, and the exhausted;
the smart-assed, and the settled;
the past, and the future,
or simply as a manifestation of life’s ongoing, two legged stroll through itself – via man’s conscious mind and non-conscious instincts.

This push-pull method of locomotion is not specifically located in any of the mortal areas above. It is not a matter concerned with politics, religion, or any other feature of the thought-based, second reality, that is so much a part of ordinary men’s lives.  They can certainly pretend to believe otherwise, (as they are supposed to), and insist, for instance, that there is determinable, finite significance whether a man’s political views are Liberal or Conservative, but such is to mistake rain or clear skies for the weather itself.

Due to its responsibilities and construction, man’s mind consistently mislabels manifestations of a thing for the thing itself.  This approach, enables the mind to pragmatically deal-with and subsequently rearrange man’s physical surroundings to his benefit, but does not help in any effort by the mind to comprehend its own operations.

Once thought leaves the-arena-of-the-material, it will mentally focus on a particular feature in man’s second reality, make intelligent sounding pronouncements concerning same, while mistaking a single ant for Entomology.  (Or, for you with insight up to the task: mistaking the study and science of Entomology, for the reality of an ant.)


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