Stop and Go Traffic

No matter how useful it may be, men don’t care much for information that seems impersonal. Men won’t believe anything they don’t find likeable.

The catch-on-to-what’s-going-on view is the still center of an endless hurricane.
(Stop swatting at the droplets.)

Survival activities can also be fun.  Eating, fucking, resting activities unrelated to physical survival can also be fun, but no one understands why this is so, (save those surviving in another dimension).

Man’s ordinary state of consciousness is stop-and-go traffic.  On the highway of life, to be in a hurry is an unneeded distraction of attention.  You are going nowhere other than where you are at this very moment.

Those with steady-hands-on-the-wheel, understand this,
and become off-the-roaders.

Those who do not know how they live, are those who tell others how TO live.  Ducks don’t sink, yet don’t-know-from-swimming.  The mind is not conscious, but consciousness sees through the mind like a cheap cotton dress.  (And why shouldn’t it?  Any tailor recognizes his own work.)


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